One Bad Son Unequivocally Canada’s Best Modern Rockers

One Bad Son, live, KitchenerOne Bad Son
Maxwell’s Music House
Kitchener, ON
May 11, 2013
Photos by Brandon Marsh
Saskatoon rockers One Bad Son are at the stage in their career where they can easily sell out large clubs one night and then travel to unknown regions to perform for an intimate audience the next. What sets them apart from the hundreds of other bands doing this is that these guys have the common sense to give the audience 100 per cent whether there are thousands or dozens in attendance. It’s almost as if they offer a guarantee before you get in the door: One Bad Son will kick your ass any time, any place, any day.

Tonight in Kitchener, ON, One Bad Son strayed from the usual national tour path to pull into Maxwell’s Music House for a last minute addition to the current tour of Eastern Canada. With less than a week to advertise, few knew about the show, leaving the Scarecrow hitmakers a chance to perform for an intimate crowd of die hard rockers. Funny thing was, even though Maxwell’s is a small, warm and welcoming club, One Bad Son played like they were on stage at the ACC in Toronto. The only difference was that there were no sweaty rockers sandwiching me as I grooved to this incredible band.

One Bad SonOne Bad Son are true rockers at heart. It’s kick ass hard rock and roll without the frills, the glam or the bullshit. It’s straight ahead rock that will eat at you – kind of like the way Guns N’ Roses did when they first came out. The more you listen, the bigger a fan you become.

The comparisons to Guns N’ Roses don’t stop there. Vocalist Shane Volk has a voice that fits in somewhere between Axl Rose and Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), but he’s also got the ability to switch from a Rose or Bach growl to a silky smooth Steve Perry (Journey). He’s a perfect fit for the band, which plays something that could be described as a new wave of classic rock – a modern big rock sound that mixes classic rock, hard rock and a tiny bit of grunge. 

Driving their new wave classic rock sound is drummer Kurt Dahl, bassist Adam Grant and guitarist Adam Hicks.  The style can be best summed up in their cover of Talking Heads Psycho Killer, which really shows the band’s love of the classics, while keeping a firm grasp on a modern sound.

The band performed several tracks of their current album, including Rustbucket, Retribution Blues, Scarecrows and their latest single It Ain’t Right. They also tested out a couple songs they recently wrote on the road – including one that wasn’t even named yet.

Every day record companies will tell you they’ve got the next big thing and will back that up with big marketing campaigns and hundred thousand dollar videos, but more often than not, it’s just packaged dribble. One Bad Son are the exception. These guys are unequivocally Canada’s greatest modern rock band and they’re ready for the big time. If the show tonight is any indication of what’s to come, Maxwell’s Music House will be bragging about this one for years.

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