September 30, 2022

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Olympic Tigers! Gignog and Thavin strengthen France in Tokyo 2020

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It is less than a month Tokyo 2020 Olympics And a Direct competitor of Mexico He is a Liga M.X. France Andre Pierre has officially confirmed the invitation of Kignok and Florian Thuv.

You know, France Share Team with MexicoAs well as Japan and South Africa. There had been rumors of players for two weeks Tigers They will be called, but to this day it is official.

It is important to note in this version Olympic Games, Especially in football, it is allowed to call Three players over the age of 24 (Simultaneously, due to infection), so this is how they come to be Of Kignak Ytv.

Florian Thavin, 28-year-old and former Olympic de Marseille athlete, Tigress reinforced A few weeks ago, after he was left without a deal, no doubt This has caused quite a stir.

For its part, Andre Pierre Kignok A player with the best experience, who broke it Tigers And he’s one of the best players MX League, That is why France Has given you hope for justice Tokyo 2020.

Although Kylian Mbappé This day is not on the list provided because it has accumulated France On top of that Euro 2020, Galo Collection One Favorites To take Gold medal, Next Brazil, Germany, Argentina Although it may not seem like it, Mexico.

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The game kicks off on July 22 at Tokyo 2020, So teams will give everything from the start to pursue the dream of a medal.

When will Mexico and France meet?

This is France’s debut against Mexico Ann Tokyo 2020 Precisely Thursday, July 22, A game that is very interesting for the level and presence of teams Of Kignak Ytv In court.