December 10, 2022

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Olympia coach Pentecost Troclio did not understand America’s complaints; The Concoff champion looks at him

The coach did not understand why there was so much talk about Eustin Arpoleda breaking up with Suzuki Lopez and did not believe they would disqualify him.

The coach of Olympia de Honduras confirmed that he did not understand why there were so many complaints from the United States about the game played by Pedro Troclio and the Cadracho team and the lack of Eustin Arpoleta, which was able to send Jesus Lopez into the operating room.In his view, those from Copa will eventually be the Confederations champions.

They don’t want to play in the Confederations because it is already an issue for the United StatesWell, they have to go play Copa Libertadores de America and Copa Libertadores de America, I assure you that it plays with a lot of friction and great power; It is played very hard. It seems to me that this is a moment of ‘anger’ and nothing more. America needs to be quiet, it looks like a big team to me, it’s going to be a Confederations Cup for me, I have no doubt. ”

“I’m shocked by everything that was said there, because we won a match, America crossed the podium, so I do not understand so much of a problem in appearing in a match,” said Point Troclio.

He said, “After watching the game twice last Wednesday, he made the same decisions when the game was over: we went to play a game as planned, we never made a game, and many more, so one was badly injured.”

I continue to insist that the injury was an accident; Arpoleda will not go with the intention of hurting anyone at any time, he is only going to remove the ball, he will fall with his weight, unfortunately in Lopez. This is a very negative reference, when an injured player comes out, but we went to implement a game that goes better from a technical point of view, and then it neutralizes the competitor ”.

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“There were 20 of us and 14 of us in the United States, but when I watch the game twice,” I don’t know why so much was said in Mexico. I have the recognition of many footballers who called me and saw the team well. ”

Similarly, he reiterated the lack of Santiago Naveda on Eustin Arpoleda, which is very serious, “But hey, many unknowns, those who have never played, many who think they want to enter like that, many of us who have played football, we know this is not a kick to hurt someone … I saw that there was a political hue, he was talking to Honduran about ‘Cowman’, but hey, what did my team do on that court with a game that America usually does not lose ”.

Nothing official … I don’t think so

As Santiago Banos pointed out the previous day, he confirmed: “Who is the player or the referee?” Who saw the play. This play is nothing but a yellow card. ”

“As far as the referee is concerned, this is more of an issue for the refereeing association; it seems to me that this is not fair to Arpoleda … We know there was a report from the US on social networks, but from there to the officialization and everything (a formal complaint from the US to Concoff), it will take a long time. I don’t think a thing like this will drive its course, I have never seen a thing like this”.

“No, Concoff has not made any decision, I do not think it will happen, because in the play it shows that he does not shy away from harming someone; you can say that he wants to take the ball away from him and that it falls with the player’s weight. When they act as an ex officio, for example, If they see Naveda’s gateway in Arpoleda coming from behind, they can stop it if he’s injured, but in Arpoleda’s play, I don’t think so”.

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He said: “We also released a statement, which is argued with a video On the other hand there were four or five wins and no one complained. I have a talented player who will not play tomorrow (in that league), he got a kick from behind, he will not play in the local championship tomorrow, but I’m not going to go to a conference to count how many people I have injured, I already know that he is always beaten when a football game is over ”.

Mexico, Very Above Central America

On the other hand, the Olympia coach in football said, “There is no doubt that Mexico is above the Central American countries; I have no doubt that Mexican teams are teams of another level: we are talking about a great economic position and structure, with the best players, with the best signing opportunity. It is clear that Mexican football is many steps above Central America and the MLS. So far; I have no doubt about that”.

He had it ”Mexican football needs no help because it is absolutely on top; Now, within football, you can find an inspired team that gives you strength, that marks your best players well and takes advantage of the situation, and that you lose. This is the second time in history that Olympia has won in Mexico; And then, it’s something. There is a huge difference. ”