December 10, 2022

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Official: MLS will have a new professional league in 2022

The expansion of Major League Football continues, this Monday, the league of the United States and Canada, Officially announced, is the creation of a new professional league, which seeks a program of new skills and teams in both countries starting in 2022., In which the league will see the light of day with a total of 20 MLS ‘associate’ teams New owners and clubs can join independently.

With a statement, MLS confirmed the creation of the new American Professional League, which is the largest U.S. Must be professionally registered in Soccer It will also be the ‘second division’ for the MLS and the ‘third’ within professional football in the United States below the USL.

Creating this new league will provide an integrated step in the journey of the professional player., Accelerates the development of elite talent by providing a more competitive environment for emerging stars to compete with established professional players, ”the report said.

The new MLS Professional League will feature a total of 20 teams, currently a pool of MLS, and independent investment teams.In the opening season of 2022, four years after the World Cup, the United States, Mexico and Canada will serve as guests.

We are pleased to launch the new league to complete the professional journey between our academies and the best MLS teams.. MLS will provide more opportunities for caliber players and create a diverse talent pool of new league coaches, referees and front office managers, while also attracting fans who previously could not support a local club in their hometown, ”said Mark Abbott. , MLS Chairman and Deputy Commissioner.

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They seek the growth of youth

MLS’s new professional league will work hand in hand with MLS Next to act as a bridge and young players can reach the highest level of American football, Most of the league’s academies could be active in the new league, which will see daylight next year.

For its part, The formation of the new MLS Professional League seeks to connect with fans across the country They do not have teams in their cities as the new league is expected to open up markets where MLS is out of reach by opening new independent clubs.

New league details

The new professional league promoted by Major League Soccer will have a shape similar to the highest category The regular season starts in March, leading to the playoffs being played in the fall and the grand final at the end of December. Similarly, MLS announced that additional details will be released throughout this year, including the teams participating in the opening season, as well as the official name and logo.