September 29, 2022

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Official: Invite Honduras National Team With Seven Troops For 2021 Gold Cup – Ten

The unknown is over. The Honduras national team Announced the official list of 23 players to play this Wednesday Gold Cup 2021. Fabian Coyote summoned eight soldiers for the highest-ever Concoff event.

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Will return Roman Kyoto Y Jerry Benson, Playing for him FC Montreal Y Olympiad, Respectively. Kyoto was on the list for him The final four From League of Nations It was played in June, but eventually he fell out of it due to injury.

Remaining foreigners with Bicolor: Manor Figueroa (Houston Dynamo), Kevin Alvarez (Norcoping), Alex Lopez (Alajulence), Brian Acosta (FC Dallas), Albert Ellis (Bovista) and Phoenix Garcia (Houston Dynamo).

Lack of forward Cadiz From Spain, Anthony ‘Soko’ Lozano, Who was on everyone’s list despite constant criticism. The footballer will lose the gold trophy to the Honduran team. Nor do they appear Andy Nazar, Danny Acosta, Jonathan Rubio Y George Penguch, Who are potential reinforcements Sub-23 As TEN advanced a few days ago.

Fabian Coyote Looking forward to this competition to surpass the presentation given in 2019 Honduras It failed to advance to the next stage. The idea is to go as far as possible, but Qatar is also coordinating an idea and a team for the qualifying rounds towards 2022.

The Honduras national team Integrates Group D with Gold Cup 2021 Next Panama, Granada Y Qatar (Called). He makes his debut against the Caribbean on July 13th BPVA Compass Stadium From Houston, Texas.

Invited from Honduras for the 2021 Gold Cup

Edrik Menzover (Olympia)
Luis Lopez (Real Spain)
Marlon Ligona (Motagua)

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Marcelo Pereira (Motagua)
Manor Fikurova (Houston Dynamo, USA)
Johnny Leveron (Olympia)
Diego Rodriguez (Motagua)
Always Alvarado (Olympia)
Felix Chrisando (without club)
Kevin Alvarez (Norcoping, Sweden)

TB Flores (Olympia)
Walter Martinez (Motagua)
Juan Engel Delcado (Motagua)
Brian Acosta (FC Dallas, USA)
Alex Lopez (Alajulence, Costa Rica)
Joe Benavades (Real Spain)
Phoenix Garcia (Houston Dynamo, USA)

Michael Cyrinos (Olympia)
Carlos “Muma” Fernandez (Motagua)
Albert Ellis (Bovista, Portugal)
Jerry Penson (Olympic)
Rommel Kyoto (FC Montreal, Canada)
Edwin Solani (Marathon)