December 1, 2022

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Octavio Ocaña: Father confirms he is armed | News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY.-Octavio Pérez, Octavio Ocaña’s father, reveals that his son is armed to defend himself against crime.

In an interview Gustavo Adolfo Intonde “The gun was honestly brought by his son,” he pointed out.

My son is not crazy, it’s so easy, I tell you, I accept it, the weapon is his, it’s like that, but the shot that went into him was not so caliber, it was 9 millimeters, ”said the man.


“My son brought a weapon because of the insecurity of the country, so easy … we got permission to take it. There was no way back, they killed him, so easy.”

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Octavio Perez reiterated that the weapon his son had was not a shot in the head, but another.

“It was a 9mm shot from outside. My son was not going to shoot himself because he was taught to use a weapon. He didn’t have to do that, it was impossible,” he said.

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The prosecutor’s office says the weapon taken out by Octavio Ocaña is not authorized

At the Mexican state attorney general’s office, Octavio Ogana is said to have taken the glove out of the box. As “Benito”.

Two policemen Quattitlan Iscally And two comrades of Octavio Ocaña were acquitted because there was no charge against them, Mexiquense attorney’s office officials pointed out.

Issues such as the origin of the weapon and how many shots were fired following a truck carrying police from actor Quattitlan Iskali Octavio is part of an investigation into Okana’s death, Mexican officials agreed.

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