December 1, 2022

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Ochoa points out that the United States will go aggressively for the Concacaf final

Mexico City /

United States Vulta de los comes to the game Concacaf Champions League semifinals With a two-goal advantage Philadelphia UnionBut, despite this Guillermo Ochoa He calls on his team not to overconfidence and to play seriously with a ticket to the final. Hasn’t come in five years.

“In football, anything can happen, Sometimes they can reach you without much confidence, Competitors count, but it depends on what we do and stop doing on the field. We have always been committed to wearing the shirt of America for its history and fans We should face the game as 0-0. We have the hierarchy and experience to do that, they are not going to make it easy for us because they have nothing to lose, we have to play With a knife between the teeth, curling the sleevesBecause, this is the semifinals and they are fighting to the death, “he told a news conference.

Ochoa expressed a commitment to fight for a group of topics like the United States In the 2020 edition they fell by the wayside Removed by Los Angeles FC.

“I’m very excited because it puts us in the face of a finalist to lift a title Beyond the Club World Cup With enthusiasm and seriousness for taking out that personal thorn in the side of those Congolese champions who could not reach the final in Orlando Yes we played well in the first match and it will be hard to come back And we can’t think of good.

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The memo sees the end of Liga MX’s dominance in the CONCACAP

Since the establishment of the Concacaf Champions League in 2008-09 Won only by Mexican teams, And only three times between the final Aztec clubs Memo Ochoa sees this domination ending.

“Historically, this has been a competition dominated by Mexico for many years It was won by an MLS team Or from Central America, if you get into Mexican clubs in advance, it may be in the finals now, we’ll see what happens next, but for now we’re not here, we can not talk until the end.