August 20, 2022

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Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool, Live, Free Online, Alternative Dias, Line-ups, FA Cup Today | Colombians abroad

Nottingham Forest hosts tough Liverpool in FA Cup quarter-finals The oldest match in world football.

Full time. Liverpool had a hard-fought 0-1 win over Nottingham Forest and will face Manchester City in the semi-finals.

Minute 83- Nuttingham Forest ask for a penalty but there is nothing wrong with Alison Becker

Minute 80- Firmino asked for a penalty but was dropped

Minute 78 – Gooooollll from Liverpool! The biggest crossroads, from Simikas to Diego Jota, is highly controversial because the Portuguese are so out of place … but for VAR it says ‘onsite’.

Minute 75- Incredible goal to forgive Jinkernagal

Min 69- Asked for a mistake in the Díaz area but it rarely has any legal connection

Minute 63- Four changes at Liverpool: Diaz for Chamberlain; Henderson to Gita; Diego to Fabino and Minamino to Elliott

Minute 59- Yellow for Gomez for a foul against Johnson … and Louise Diaz warm up on the line

Minute 52- Powerless shot by Diogo Jotta

Minute 48- Nottingham were a scare, but Davis was offside

* It is worth remembering that if the tie lasts, there will be an extension and definition by penalty.

The second half was played!

Finish the first time. Nottingham Forest 0-Liverpool 0. As the locals do a better job of endurance, we need to see how the FA Cup responds to the favorite reaching the semifinals.

Min 37- Corner kick in vain for Liverpool, owner of the ball, but without the usual accuracy when he exits

Minute 28- Firmino escapes the Red Guards, but fails when he tries to pierce it for luxury, and goalkeeper Harvath disarms him.

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Minute 21- Loli’s shot was deflected to Nottingham Forest

Minute 18- Fabinho enters the ball badly and the cross shot goes wide

Minute 16- Attempt before Gomez who saw that goalkeeper Horvath was fine

Minute 12- Simikas good shot and good game, he barely raised the ball

Minute 9- Great closure by Worcester to Jota in the area without penalty … luxury

Minute 9- The center of Gomez in the hands of the goalkeeper

Minute 8- Salva Keita in chaos behind Liverpool

Minute 3- Johnson boy approaches Alison Becker’s door

Minute 2- Elliott’s first approach to Liverpool without enough space

Roll the ball!

The domain is ready to operate at 1:00 pm (Colombian time).

Coach Jürgen Klopp has decided to turn his pay around again and give more minutes to attack leaders Firmino and Diogo Jota. Luis Diaz is the replacement in this fight and another result was expected due to the injury of Mohamed Salah. This is still an alternative.

These are Confirmed Start Rows: