December 10, 2022

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“Nothing unites Mexico”: Sumel Torres acidic opinion after Alfredo Adam’s fight

Mexican actor Alfredo Adam starred in a street fight with a woman. (Photo: Capture)

Alfredo Adam Following the virality of a video, it came back into the public eye The actor played in a street fight against a couple in the middle of a public road. With this in mind, negative comments about the artist did not stop flooding social networks.

It started when pictures started circulating on TicTac and Twitter, where Adam hit the couple’s vehicle with his fists and unleashed the woman’s rage. He got out of the car. In this first clip you can see the former politician starting the aggression.

In an interview News broadcasting The actor mentioned that the discussion took place because the driver of the vehicle had thrown the car and caused an accident. With this in mind, Adam would have decided to ask him.

“I opened to the right under the mirror and when I passed them (…) ‘Hey, son of a bitch, what are you doing, buddy,’ he explained.

Adam also pointed to the show Sismorio That He was robbed by those persons with whom he fought. When confronted by the woman, he said he realized the person had already snatched his cellphone.

But beyond the context of the debate, what caught the attention of Internet users was the fact that both Alfredo possessed e.Due to the fight he fell to the ground and tore his shirt.

In this sense, Cumel Torres responded immediately and made a sarcastic comment from his personal Twitter account.

Adam hit the ground (Photo: Twitter Screenshot / @ VideosVirales69)
Adam hit the ground (Photo: Twitter Screenshot / @ VideosVirales69)

Fact: Alfredo Adam has nothing to do with Mexico other than being shamefully captured. Wrote.

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With this in mind, users reacted quickly and some criticized the driver The pulse of the Republic For your opinion on this matter.

“But if it was a random woman, like trying to get her phone back in the video, would it be different?To do? I will keep this fact in mind if one day you join Mexico in the same wayWrote a Netizen.

However, others agreed with Cumel and noted that Alfredo Adam needed to know how to defend himself at the moment of going viral on the networks.

Adam is not in the neighborhood … it is saved from the top of the right hand, Wherever they attach it, they restart MS2 and collect the teeth in a bag… ”, doc_acido added.

Sumel Torres mocks Alfredo Adam's situation (Photo: Twitter @ChumelTorres)
Sumel Torres mocks Alfredo Adam’s situation (Photo: Twitter @ChumelTorres)

Where after a video goes viral Alfredo Adam He fought with a group of people on the street who specialize in occult events Carlos Trejo Made fun of the TV actor Compares it to the “panda bear”.

It should be noted that the enmity between the two personalities has arisen over the years and they are already too serious to challenge each other. Ineffective physical fights. At the end of his video, Carlos Trejo Amidst the ridicule he noted:

“Wait, that is, panda bear, do not play, that is, be your bomb queen. How fun! If not for these two weeks, I do not know what to do.

Carlos Trejo may have compared Adam to a panda bear because the actor repeatedly fell to the ground and did not show the best fighting ability, so one day if he really confronted him, It could be a “tender” or an easy match to beat.

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