November 30, 2022

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“Nose Fracture and Seven Points”

Boomas posted a photo ahead, where he revealed Anderson Santa Maria’s elbow injury and seven stitches.

Juan Dinenno, Football player Poomas, Anderson shared a photo of his face after Santa Maria’s elbow on social media, where he said he suffered a fracture to the nose in addition to the seven stitches in the wound.

Nose fracture, and 7 points. I’m fine and proud to think of this team. First of all, I apologize to the Atlas player, as I personally did when I made sure he was well. Thanks to everyone for the supportive messages and thanks to my colleagues they are unique, ”he wrote on Twitter.

Prior to the news, Argentina posted a photo on his Instagram before the injury stitched up, showing that his nose was swollen and still bleeding. “Follow Follow … We … The illusion”, the attacker revealed in his Instagram stories.

After a few minutes of scoring Poomas Uploaded the photo, the attacker’s wife also expressed her annoyance at the arbitration decisions led by Jorge Antonio Perez Duran.

“They break your nose with their elbows into the area. It’s not fine. No card. Nothing. But if you throw Chile on your back and accidentally hit a colleague, they kick you out … disguise yourself a little. That shows.”

தினென்னோ He was responsible for starting the score at 75 at Jalisco Stadium, bringing the total to 1-1. The controversial game reached the 82nd minute, at which point Alan Moso sent a cross into the post, in which Argentine striker Anderson was hit in the elbow by Santamaria.

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Forward Poomas He was lying on the grass before a strong bleeding, which was treated by the auriazules medical team. தினென்னோ, With blood on his face, he left the field and returned a few minutes later with a patch that he could be in the game.

Argentina returned to the field, but in extra time he was sent off by Jorge Antonio Perez Duran, who tried to create Chile, but eventually scored in the face of Jesus Anglo, ending the hopes. Poomas In Apertura 2021.