June 30, 2022

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Jon Fingas

None Starts today Pre-order reservations over the phone 1

You can finally put the money towards none phone 1 – Provided that you can join a private club. Nothing opened Pre-order booking For the first smartphone to use the invite code system. Private community members go first, they will have 48 hours to use their code, place a non-refundable deposit of £20 (about $25) and secure an order opportunity on July 12. Anyone else can sign up for a waiting list that will deliver invitations in batches.

If you proceed with an order, nothing will deduct the deposit from the purchase and provide an additional £20 credit to use on either the Phone 1 accessory or Earbuds 1. The company has not yet revealed the price of the phone itself. As nothing previously warned, Phone 1 It will not be officially coming to North America Out closed beta for a few investors in the private community. The device should work, but not fully supported.

If the pre-order strategy sounds familiar, it should be. None Ex-OnePlus outfit for founder Carl Bay Use an invitation system for years. The effect may be similar. Invitation-based orders help manage tight supply (by controlling sales and improving demand estimates) while creating a combination that may stimulate demand. It’s not clear when you’ll order Phone 1 on a whim, but don’t be surprised if you end up waiting for a while.

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