December 7, 2022

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Nolia Garcia to be summoned for public hearing

Representative Eduardo Feliciano Sanchez summons Home Secretary Nolia Garcia to a public hearing on the issuance and processing of a permit issued to the Soul O’Play condominium in Rincoln.

“Interior Secretary Nolia Garcia has demanded a trophy from the Sol O’Play condominium in Rincoln, and in turn she summoned Secretary of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources Rafael Macharko for a round of Guard Corps Haddell’s. That would be a big scam and we would evaluate everything to make recommendations to the relevant authorities, ”said Feliciano Sanchez.

The Secretary of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) has been sharply criticized in recent weeks for amending a suspension and withdrawal order and releasing a highly questionable explanation in an administrative case before considering it.

“Our ongoing investigation into the Natural Resources, Environment and Recycling Authority has raised a number of allegations. The commission will send out new information requests, citing other officials who may have been somewhat involved in the process, including Commissioner Rhonda, Carlos Yamil Rivera Castle Secretary of State, Inspector Maria V. Ortega, lawyer. Jose Peace Martinez and biologist Carlos Dice, all DNER officials.

I tell you the people of Puerto Rico have a commitment to address this responsibly and urgently from the representative of the popular Democrats in the House. We will not allow the use of force to the advantage of economic groups that threaten our natural resources. ”

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