Ninja’s Creed – DVD Review

Ninja's Creed3.5 stars

WWE Diva Gail Kim stars in Ninja’s Creed, a unique film that has absolutely nothing to do with ninjas. It was a film that was originally released under the name Royal Kill, which not a great name either, but it reflected the storyline better.  The film also stars Eric Roberts and Pat Morita, who made this film shortly before his death.

The story was rather interesting, with bits of Asian folklore mixed with mystical thoughts, telling of a fictional Asian land in turmoil because its royal bloodline is being destroyed by a hired assasin. The only remaining heir to the bloodline is living with an adopted father in the United States. Actress Lalaine (who also played Miranda Sanchez on Lizzie McGuire) was cute and fun to watch as Jan, who we find out is the kingdom’s last remaining  princess.

It was great to see Morita in the film, but for most of his short on screen appearance, there seemed to be problems with the audio.  Most of his dialog was off screen while his character was still visible, and there was no consistency in the voice we were hearing. It’s a shame that Morita’s last film didn’t leave him with a shining moment.

Gail Kim is SEXY written with all capital letters. Taking into account that several of her fight sequences were  done in a short skirt, her athletic ability was obvious, her body was quite often featured and her acting was acceptable for the role. It was a good role for her first film, with little dialog and lots of action. She should be proud to know she’s capable of shedding the WWE any time in the future.

The fight scenes are good, although cut rather quickly, and the entire film could have ended around the 70 minute mark at the point where the script takes a good and very unexpected twist. The material after that time was confusing and unnecessary.

Mis-titled and with a story that could have ended earlier, Ninja’s Creed is a better film than many of the critics are writing, but it’s far from being another Blade. Director/writer Babar Ahmed has an original story and some serious acting cred with Kim, Morita, Roberts and especially Lalaine, but he could have benefitted from a bigger budget and an experienced screenwriter to help move the first 70 minutes into a longer more congruent film.