December 7, 2022

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Nick Jonas and the reggae-gene page continue the SNL tradition

This is a trend that I can get behind.

The Healthy trend The host kicked in earlier this month And Levy Left an encouraging note Regina King, Was set to take over as host of the show next week.

“You got it!” Dan wrote in a post-it note SNL Dressing room glass. Of course, Regina had to take a selfie with a pleasant gesture while living in the room:

Regina left a note for Reggie-Jean, “You’re going to be surprised !!!”

It turns out that Reggie-Jean continued the tradition and left a lucky note for Nick too!

“Great time Nick!” Reggae-Jean wrote and signed the note with an X.

Instagram / icknickjonas

“That’s the plan! Thanks for the note,” Nick wrote back to Reggie-Jean.

I have no choice but to block a group of such supportive celebrities!

Live Saturday nightNext host, Maya Rudolph, Not ready to take the stage for a few weeks, so time will tell only if Nick continues the tradition!

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