June 30, 2022

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NFL QB Ryan Fitzpatrick retired long ago after 17 seasons

NFL QB Ryan Fitzpatrick retired long ago after 17 seasons

Fitzpatrick hasn’t rounded up a Hall of Fame career, but he definitely made it worth watching, both And outside the field. Fitzpatrick threw a touchdown pass to 62 different players in his career, behind three passers-by (Tom BradyAnd the Drew Press, Vinny Testaverde) who have thrown touchdown passes to over 62 different players in NFL history. He became known for composing sensational finishing touches, no matter which team he plays for, and the only disappointment came with the area he didn’t reach: the post-season. Fitzpatrick’s 34,990 passing yards is the most in NFL history by a player who has never played in a playoff game, and ranks 32nd in league history.

However, given where he started, Fitzpatrick outdid his odds by a wide margin. He has the most career passing yards of all the later drafted seventh-round quarterbacks in the Common Draft era, edging out 1977 tenth-placed Steve Diberg by 749 yards and standing well ahead of Super Bowl XXXVII champ Brad Johnson. Fitzpatrick is the only quarterback in NFL history to win a game with seven or more different teams (Miami, Tampa Bay, New York Jets, Buffalo, Houston, Cincinnati, Tennessee). He is also tied for seventh seasons in the most career by a midfielder since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger, trailing only Brady, Testaverdi, Brett Favre, Dave Craig and Ben Roethlisbergerand is one of only 30 backstroke players in NFL history with 34,000-plus yards and 220-plus touchdowns in a career.

St. Louis traded Fitzpatrick for Cincinnati in the seventh inning in 2007, and the quarterback ended up starting 12 games for the Bengals in place of the injured Carson Palmer. He went 4-7-1 as a starter and impressed other NFL clubs enough to earn a three-year deal with the Buffalo Bills in 2009. Another player injury – this time, Trent Edwards – opened the door for Fitzpatrick to prove his worth, and by the 2011 season, he was Fitzpatrick has done enough to earn base work at Buffalo for the 2011 and 2012 seasons.

And so it became the theme of Fitzpatrick’s career: he signed for a team, fought for a place on the roster, and eventually found his way onto the field due to a player injury. It happened in Tennessee in 2013 and Houston in 2014. And in 2015, Fitzpatrick found some stability with the New York Jets (in part due to a locker room altercation that forced Jeno Smith away from the pitch), to begin an exciting season that nearly reached New York post-season. He remained for one more season before moving to Tampa, where he replaced the injured starter James Winston In six games (three starts) in 2017 and appeared in eight games (seven starts) in 2018, recording a 24-15 touch-to-intercept ratio between 2017 and 2018.