September 29, 2022

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NFL and ESPN sign historic long-term agreement

Walt Disney Company, ESPN Also the National Football League has reached a long-term agreement with which ABC / ESPN will join the Super Bowl cycle, in addition to broadcasting additional playoff games and national exclusive games ESPN + Throughout the life of the contract, there has been a significant increase in regular season matches, including Monday night football, improved quality of the game, new planning flexibility and more.

The historic 10-year deal, which begins in the 2023 season, was announced today Bob Chapeck, CEO of The Walt Disney Company; Jimmy Pitaro, Chairman ESPN And game content; Y Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner.

“We look forward to expanding and expanding our partnership with Disney in the future, as ESPN will continue to feature the most-watched products on cable, Monday Night Football and ABC, and will return to broadcasting the ABC Super Bowl. We look forward to working with Disney and their new platforms. ESPN +Innovative ways to reach more NFL fans, “said Roger Goodell.

For his part, Bob Chappeck commented: “This milestone deal ensures that ESPN’s passionate fan base continues to have excellent access to the NFL offerings. Carry on all personal skills Walt Disney Company Y ESPN La La Mesa opens up many opportunities in our industry leading-consumer, broadcast, cable, social and digital markets. A special thanks to Roger Goodell and the NFL owners for constantly embracing new ways to engage their fans, especially through increasingly important sites ESPN +”.

Among the highlights of the deal, ESPN And ABC will broadcast two Super Bowls (Seasons 2026, 2030) as part of a cycle between NFL partners, signifying a deal for the first time ESPN-NFL Includes rights to Super Bowl. ABC last aired Super Bowl in February 2006. In addition, ESPN By adding the annual division round game to its schedule, there will be more playoff activities, which will be followed by a wild card clash.

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Highlights of the Extended Regular Season Gallery ESPN Will be the annual exclusive national sport ESPN +, The industry’s leading sports streaming service. The game will take place internationally and will be broadcast live on Sunday mornings. In addition, this agreement allows you ESPN Opportunity to broadcast games simultaneously ESPN/ABC In ESPN +.

Rights to return are also included ESPN + NFL Prime Time, The iconic weekly show of NFL highlights. NFL Prime Time is the original program ESPN + This is not the most watched game. Since its launch in 2018, ESPN + Featuring a variety of high quality NFL content, including the acclaimed Payton’s Places and Tom Man Brady’s Super Bowl appearances and the upcoming multi-installment series ‘Man in the Arena’ ESPN + It has grown to 12.1 million subscribers.

ESPN He will increase his regular season schedule by 35 percent, i.e. six more games per year (17 to 23). This includes Monday night game (three weeks with a different game than ABC), Saturday double game in the last week of the season and Sunday morning game ESPN +.

Two additional games on Saturday will take place in the final week of the regular season, and will be matched with playoff impacts. Both games are simultaneously ABC and ESPN.

For his part, Jimmy Pitaro commented: “When ESPN And this NFL Working together in the best possible way, the results are transformative for entertainment and industry. The most notable examples of collaboration have occurred in the last 12 months and demonstrated extraordinary purpose Walt Disney Company This is important for this deal. There are many new and exciting elements, including Super Bowls and additional playoff games, new games of the season with playoff effects, and streaming games exclusive ESPN +, Flexibility and planning improvements and so on. This is a long-term deal unlike the one we reached before NFL, And we can not be too excited about what the future holds. “

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