September 27, 2021

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Neymar’s message on PSG’s ‘KO’ …

Neymar Jr. finally decides to pronounce himself after the painful removal of Paris Saint-Germain From Champions League. The French team lost 2-0 to Manchester City in the semi-finals last Tuesday. After 1-2 in the first leg, the Parisians were out of Europe and the final match that all fans and footballers dreamed of.

After this hard one foot, eIt took several days to reflect before speaking out on Sao Paulo’s ‘crack’. ’10’ did not come out to show his face in the media after the crash and now wants to do so on his own Instagram account. Paulista used this social network to address all of his fans and his own players, lamenting the failure, but appreciating the effort of all of them.

“I find it hard to write, Still sad with the defeat, but proud of the dedication of the whole teamThe Brazilian, who wanted to make it clear that he appreciates the efforts of all of his teammates during the match against City and the Champions League campaign, did what we could. One step away from the second final of his series.

Neymar agreed that the deletion would be another lesson for his progress and that there were only words to thank everyone. “Unfortunately, the best of us is not enough, but it is a learning to evolve. … and bowed his head? Prayer and thanksgiving, regardless of circumstances, ”echoed the playmaker.

Neymar is not talking about his future

These words from the PSG player They did not make it clear what would happen to him this summer because he was not ‘wet’ about his future. Since his contract expires in 2022, the attacker will have to renew with the French. If he does not do so, he is likely to leave, which is where F.C. Barcelona is coming and is eager to join Leo Messi with him. Ney’s future depends on Argentina’s future because he wants to play with him.

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