December 7, 2022

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Nexa Vs Santos (0-3) Summary and Goals, Runner-Up Goals

The first goal came, the first win and the first win of Aberdura 2021 all worked Santos Laguna It was a victim Nexa He won 3-0 as a spectator Victoria Stadium.

Current runner-up MX League This second half of the year showed that he would continue at a high level, and he also gave an account of some of the rays and popular investors that were updated on the court, but they failed on the first day.

Guillermo Vasquez He could not beat Guillermo Almada, who has more than the oil of the Lacunera region.

Of course, Nexus had target options, however, he was not lucky.

The fight started with a shot that went up Fernando Corrieran 9 min and Jesus Osho He knocked on the door for the second time at 21 with a good header, which was saved by goalkeeper Adgar Hernandez.

The scoreboard opened via 22 ‘ Juan Ottoro, When Colombia received a ball from Carlos Orandia, scored the first goal of the match, dripping to drop Hernandez, thus advancing 1-0.

The Nexus was built at 30 ‘with a header from a corner kick, but it was canceled by a bid by a bidder, Rodrigo Aguirre And at 37 ‘, when Muro Guerrero returned to Aguascalientes and placed her at the cross at 37’.

Before the break, Santos Laguna made it 2-0. Osejo closed a good game between Jordan Guerrero and Omar Campos, the latter putting the ball into the area sent to save by striker Albiwarde.

Already in the second half, Nexa Received the third dart. Ottoro combed just a long ball, picked it up Diego Valdes, He won by body, he entered the area, took the goalkeeper and made it 3-0 for Santos Laguna.

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At 77 ‘, Nexus had another goal, with Maxi Salas finishing with a header saved by Carlos Acevedo, but not by Argentina.

Still in 865 ‘he made two good saves in a three shot Nexa To keep zero in his target.

The fight continued and there were no goals, which gave Lacuneros peace, while Ryos had to advance to a second date.