December 10, 2022

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Newspaper As, Gonzalo Plata took 90 minutes to get a doctorate against Brazil | Football | Sports

The man from Real Valladolid made four successful triples. He was also the player with the highest number of restorations, reaching 10 out of 16.

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Getting a doctorate degree involves many years of study, where you must first train and do research. The result of this process ends with great satisfaction for the researcher in a particular area. Gonzalo Plata, on the other hand, needed ninety minutes to earn a doctorate against the best team in this qualifying round for the Qatar World Cup. Ecuador graduated with honors and was nearby ‘Come Lot’ (High rating).

Ecuador and Brazil experienced real madness in the first half when Alexander Dominguez tackled Mathews Cunha out. Earlier, Casimiro’s goal came after several errors from Ecuador’s defense. The VAR intervened to overturn referee Wilmer Roldan’s decision when Pervis Estupinan was awarded a penalty from Rabinha. The controversy continued with Alison’s dismissal in the second half, which was again fixed by the VAR. This is definitely a crazy and exciting game.

At the age of 21, The Real Valladolid player has no ceiling, and his ambition continues to grow with every game he plays. On Thursday, Gonzalo Plata was able to win the entire series of events to prevent an adverse outcome. His participation on the court was from low to high, until he finished his performance with an aid from the corner. The man from Guayaquil put the ball on a nearby post, and Felix Torres just put his head inside and sent the ball to the back of the goal. Ecuador added the most valuable point to retain third place in the three-day qualifying round.

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Plata was a headache for the Brazilian defense. The winger did not stop hitting his right wing down and throwing triples whenever he could. In total he made four successful triples, and is also the player with the most number of restorations, reaching 10 out of 16. Peru will be their next prey in this tie which will take place on Tuesday 1st February. (D)