November 28, 2022

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News of Trump’s chief executive attacking Capitol provides new clues | Univision Political News

Fox, the Conservative Network’s most influential anchor, and even the eldest son of then – President Donald Trump have been in a state of disbelief with staff chief executive Mark Meadows. Attack on Capitol on January 6 We must appeal to the White House to stop the violence.

This is the main revelation of a document presented by Meadows, Trump’s last chief executive, to the delegation investigating the January 6 events. Suggest a contempt charge Then convicted by the entire lower house for refusing to cooperate with his investigations.

It was during that consensus session that these messages came to light, which say a few words about the situation of that historic day, which was very close to then-President Trump.

As an additional code, Republican Liz Cheney, who was in charge of reading the news out loud in Congress, clashed head-on with Trump over his description of the fraud and managing the attack on Capitol.

Meadows, before failing to cooperate with the investigation, delivered 9,000 page documents, In which these revealing messages appear.

Messages they sent to Trump’s top adviser during the attack on Capitol

“Mark, the president should tell everyone on Capitol Hill to go home,” said Fox presenter Laura Igraham.

“It hurts all of us. It’s destroying his legacy. Please make it on TV. Destroy everything you’ve achieved,” said Brian Kilmead, Fox presenter.

“Can we release a statement? Tell people to leave the Capitol,” said Sean Hannity, Fox presenter.

“You must now condemn this insult. We need a statement from the Oval Office,” Donald Trump Jr. said.

These messages not only reveal the content within themselves, but also show that they are a close circle to the president He considered these to be very serious facts, To the extent of obscuring a tradition, for example Gilmeet pointed out in his speech.

Igraham, for example, publicly presented an analysis that compares what happened in Capitol that day and went so far as to point to the movements of the anti-fascist left.

What these messages also indicate is that it could have been for hours Trump ignored calls to appear A plea from his son to stop the violence.

Meadows refused to testify before the committee investigating Capital’s robbery administration, which is why he was insulted.

Cheney explained Your testimony will be important To understand the chronology of these messages regarding President Trump’s reaction to that unfortunate day when 5 people died, many were injured and detained.