November 28, 2022

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New sentence in Russia for historian Yuri Dimitrov, who exposed to the world the murders and crimes of the Stalin era

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Yuri Dmitriev goes to court by a Russian policeman.

“The purpose of his life” was to give name, burial, and homage to those who sought to destroy Soviet history from its pages: those who died in the great terror of Jose Stalin.

Renowned Russian historian Yuri Dmitriev, who revealed to the world the ins and outs of those dark years when thousands of people were imprisoned and massacred for decades for political reasons, now faces the risk of spending more years in prison.

A court in Petrozavodsk on Monday upheld the controversial sentence of 15 years, which was revoked and re-imposed on several occasions, and his supporters and relatives vowed that it was a political conspiracy to prevent him from continuing to expose the crimes of Stalinism.

Dmitriev was charged in 2016 with “possession of child pornography” after authorities confiscated his computer and found nude photos of his adopted daughter.