November 28, 2022

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New massacre at Literal Prison: 52 prisoners killed and 10 wounded. Police inside the pavilions | Security | News

Police enter the pavilions of the prison compound.

The Literal Penitentiary once again became the scene of a massacre: 52 prisoners were killed and 10 wounded. This was the first result of a prison shooting.

Police reports circulating this Saturday morning talk about these figures, which could go on for hours.

At this time the police are patrolling the pavilions. A gun, 10 dynamite sticks and two handguns were found.

The riot at the Literal Prison began around 6:30 a.m. Friday, according to a police report.

The last massacre was recorded on September 28th. 118 prisoners died there. More than 75% of the prisoners in the pavilion where the massacre took place in prison number 1 in Guayaquil had no executable sentence and 61.3% of those killed were between the ages of 20 and 30.

So far in 2021 there have been 265 violent deaths in prisons. There are more than 180 cases in prison due to fights between gangs involved in drug trafficking inside and outside the prison.

Shots were heard in the jail until early Saturday morning

Similar to the September massacre, strong videos related to the Saturday morning massacre began to circulate. In one of them, a group of prisoners can be seen burning bodies in a yard. Videos of injured prisoners also spread. Police have not confirmed whether it was a riot.

Several videos went viral on Friday night and early this Saturday about new incidents being reported at the Literal Penitentiary.

In front of the Dove River, neighbors in the urbanization areas and surrounding areas, about a kilometer from the prison, reported winds at night.

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Upon learning of the prisoners’ new clashes, the police mobilized teams to the prison area.

The hashtag #PenitenciariaDelLitoral has been trending since Friday night due to the riots.

Inmates sent videos from the prison in which they asked for help and expressed their fear at the gunfire heard in the pavilions.

“They want to go in through a door … help us with the police and the army,” one prisoner said on social media.

New incidents at Littoral Benevolence have been recorded this Friday night 12; Part of the road leading to Daule was closed to vehicular traffic

Scattered versions indicate that prisoners in Pavilion 3 and 6 tried to enter Pavilion 2. Pavilion Two is known to be led by a prisoner named Ben 10. Pavilions 3 and 6 are located at J.R.

Dozens of families went outside the prison to find out the condition of their relatives.

Early in the morning, pictures of the dead were circulated, but authorities did not confirm injuries or deaths until 07:00.

Due to the situation in the prison, the road leading to Dowell was closed to traffic, causing heavy congestion.

At around 07:00 this Saturday, the ATM reported that the circulation on the road leading to Daule was normal. (I)