December 1, 2022

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New Jersey Democrat Governor Bill Murphy wins re-election | Univision Political News

This Tuesday, November 2, after a long and unexpectedly close contest as part of the New Jersey governor election, Bill Murphy, Defeated Republican Jack Ciatarelli by less than 1%, according to the AP agency.

Murphy, Who ruled in 2017, Thus becoming the first Democrat to be re-elected Governor of New Jersey in 44 years.

“You know, we had a very‘ New Jersey ’experience,” Murphy said during a speech to supporters at Asbury Park on Wednesday night. “I was going somewhere and it took longer to get there than we had planned,” he joked.

Then, in a conciliatory attitude, he added: “If you want to be governor of the whole of New Jersey, you have to listen to the whole of New Jersey. And New Jersey: I listen to you.”

Murphy’s victory prevents a second defeat for Democrats who lost the state of Virginia as Terry McAuliffe tried to return to where he was between 2014 and 2018. And he couldn’t let go of Glenn Young of the Republican Party.

The surprising result shows the success of the campaign organized by Seattle, whose expenses were almost equal to the governor’s expenses. Surpassed the results obtained by the Republicans four years ago, When Murphy defeated Republican Kim Guadakno At a convenient difference of almost 15%.

“If you had asked anyone several months ago, someone would have guessed Double-digit win for MurphySaid Ashley Going, director of the Eagleton Center for Public Welfare Research at Rutgers University.

For its part, Murphy’s campaign insisted In progressive achievements In the first four years he was governor, the increase was like that The minimum wage is $ 15 per hour, Sick leave for workers and legalization of marijuana.

Murphy is a former Goldman & Sox executive and served as US Ambassador to Germany during the administration of President Barack Obama.

Seattle’s campaign did not rule out a referendum

For its part, Seattle’s spokesman said Wednesday the campaign is focusing on the final vote count. Does not rule out a possible legal option to obtain it. Murphy said he was not opposed to all votes being counted.

A former representative of the Seattle State Legislature, he served between 2011 and 2018. He defended some of the moderate positions he maintained during the legislature, namely Roe vs. Wade supports legal abortion in the United States.