December 7, 2022

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New battlefield between Democrats and Trump supporters could fall in California and governor

Gavin Newsom, California Democrat, visits the center where Hispanic workers’ rights lawyer Caesar Chavez worked with First Lady Jill Biden. Mandel Nagan / Pool via REUTERS

The fifth largest economy in the world, the richest and most populous state in the United States The region with the highest number of billionaires worldwide and the highest poverty rate in the country. With a population of 40 million, California has become a new battleground for the Trumpist Republicans, often the ruling Progressive Democrats. In the “land of promise” everything is questioned. Especially to its governor, Democrat Gavin Newsom, who May be removed from office If the referendum, sparked by the most conservative sectors, is successful, by the end of this year.

Even if the NewSom government starts one $ 7.6 billion bailoutThis is another package of hundreds of millions of dollars to benefit undocumented Hispanic immigrants working in the national subsidies, rental housing assistance program and vegetable and fruit crops – California produces the largest vegetable in the United States – Republicans blame for not doing enough to mitigate the effects of the epidemic.

The campaign to accuse Newsome was initially run by supporters of former President Donald Trump, but now Republican support and disgruntled citizens are “from across the political spectrum,” said former police sheriff Arrin Heatley, who entered the petition. The final incentive for the campaign Caitlin Jenner, former Olympian, reality TV star and father of famous Kardashian sisters. They were able to collect 1.6 million signatures calling for the governor to be recalled. At the same time, Jenner announced that he planned to run for governor.

    Former Olympian Caitlin Jenner, the father of the Kardashian sisters, is running for governor of California.
Former Olympian Caitlin Jenner, the father of the Kardashian sisters, is running for governor of California.

His is at the center of the campaign to impeach Newsom Corona virus infection is said to have been mismanaged. But, in reality, what Republicans are blaming him for is that he ordered the closure of schools and unnecessary actions. Criticisms increased last November The governor celebrated the birthday of one of his collaborators at a luxury restaurant, while asking Californians to stay home. Newson apologized for the mistake, but Criticism could not be stopped This extended the process of distribution and administration of vaccines.

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Newsom insists on that The Trumpists are a reaction against their progressive policies. He wrote on Twitter: “This call for a referendum by Republicans threatens our values ​​and seeks to undo the significant progress we have made.” He added in the book: “To help families who are struggling to cope with Govt-19, to protect the environment and to come up with logical solutions to prevent armed violence.”

The California Secretary of State announced Monday that sufficient signatures have been collected –1.6 million (100,000 more than needed)– Thus NewSom should hold a re-poll at the end of the year. This is the second time in history that the governor of California has faced such a process. Previously in 2003, when The then Governor Gray Davis was removed from office and replaced by Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger., The last Republican to hold office. NewSom was elected in 2018 with more than 60% of the vote. He came with a very good reputation for serving as mayor of San Francisco. It is popular among the state’s traditional progressive voters. According to a poll by the Los Angeles Times, Less than 40% of California voters support the indictment. In any case, a referendum must be held within the next 20 days if a significant number of signatures are invalid or withdrawn.

Large companies in the digital economy brought prosperity to California, but they also created massive inequality.  EFE / Clemens Bilan.
Large companies in the digital economy brought prosperity to California, but they also created massive inequality. EFE / Clemens Bilan.

Behind all these processes there is a permanent tension in California: it has been dragging on for decades: it is the U.S. government with the highest concentration of the rich, but also the poorest. “California’s wealth gap is the state’s number one impact,” he said. According to Mark Baldasare, President of the California Institute of Public Policy. “The distance between rich and poor affects the cost of housing, the cost of living, the homeless crisis and some wonder if they have a future here in the end,” he added in a chat. BBC News.

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The root of California disease, paradoxically, lies in its success. As the center of science, technology and innovation in the United States, it has amassed great prosperity in some fields, especially around San Francisco. It was brought up Uncontrolled rise in house prices and cost of living, Causing many low-income workers to relocate to economically disadvantaged areas. One in six Californians is poor, and in March of this year the governor appointed NewSom to an independent, interim committee. The official poverty rate is 17.2%, the highest in the country. “The California economy is extraordinarily successful, but it has not benefited many,” explains Anmol Satta, head of the research. “Only 40% of the state’s population has the energy to live comfortably in California.” With The average wage is $ 15 per hour, Is significantly reduced in the case of Hispanics, who find it very difficult to maintain a home in areas close to major cities. In San Francisco, The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $ 3,000.

The Los Angeles Mission Area is the last line of homeless people to get Thanksgiving food.  REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson
The Los Angeles Mission Area is the last line of homeless people to get Thanksgiving food. REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson

After all, California knows poverty Glide line district In the center of Los Angeles, they live About five thousand homeless people, Homeless, and are maintained with state subsidies of seven thousand. This is where the fall of the American dream goes: Drunkards, mentally ill, ex-offenders, homeless. But what is seen on San Pedro St. before the Union Rescue Mission is a serious example of what is happening in other depressed areas of the state, including new undocumented immigrants from Latin America and Americans came out of the digital revolution Due to lack of education and they are not getting jobs with good pay.

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The latter were the ones who brought Donald Trump in support of the White House. They are the ones who express the most conservative and anti-immigrant positions. They get frustrated, angry and accept some bizarre conspiracy theories. They were the ones who captured Congress a few days before the inauguration of President Joe Biden by a mob that had been ousted from the White House. And those who signed the petition en masse in support of the process of recalling Governor Newsom.

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