September 30, 2022

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Netflix will take action to prevent you from sharing your password

New York (CNN Business) – If you use a Netflix password for your sister’s boyfriend’s father, ask. Streaming giant is testing a new feature that can help reduce password sharing. Netflix initiates alerts asking users to verify that they have the authority to use the account before continuing to view the content.

“This test is designed to help ensure that users of Netflix accounts are authorized to do so,” a Netflix spokesman said in a statement. The Company’s Terms of Service state that “accounts cannot be shared with anyone beyond your home”.

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Here’s how Netflix tries to prevent password sharing:

When a user selects their profile on a shared Netflix account, a pop-up will confirm with a text message or email sent to the account holder asking them to verify the account.

Users can choose to check later, in which case the popup will then reappear at an uncertain time. If they cannot confirm that they are an authorized user, visitors will be asked to set up a new account.

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Before you panic, the new feature is being tested and released for a limited number of users using the Netflix TV app.

The update comes as Netflix viewers explode during epidemics. It reached 200 million users last month and its share has risen almost 50% since last March. But as people spend less time getting stuck at home in 2021, the company may face challenges in maintaining that pace.

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Over the years Netflix and other streaming platforms have been understanding how to handle password sharing and whether they should bother to avoid it. In a 2019 revenue call, Netflix’s chief product officer said the company is focused on preventing password sharing, but is looking for ways to implement them.