November 28, 2022

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Netflix Best Movies to Watch on Father’s Day | TV | Entertainment

Below, we’ve collected six options to enjoy with Dad.

There are many options on the Netflix list with father themes you can enjoy as a family to pay homage to Father’s Day. Is it better? There are all kinds of stories in these films They fit a variety of film genres; That is, you can find everything from romantic movies, plays and suspense to comedy.

Next, we will be ready to see the list of these movies on stage.

Miracle in cell 7

Undoubtedly an emotional option that will bring you many tears.

The synopsis of the film is as follows:

“A father who is separated from his daughter and has an intellectual disability must prove his innocence by being arrested for the death of the daughter of an important commander.”


For football-loving parents, this documentary is a good choice as it captures the extraordinary path that Pele has built in his life, from revelation footballer to national player at a turbulent time in Brazil.

Like a father (de tal badre)

Ann Of such a fatherAfter being planted on the altar, a tireless young executive (Kristen Bell) honeymoons with the last person she imagines on a Caribbean trip: her missing father (Kelsey Kramer), to work just like her.

Yes today!

Film starring Jennifer Corner and Edgar Ramores. It was also one of the best titles screened by Live Streaming in the third month of the year.

A cool dad

In his 30s, Sony Cowbox spends his day at a casual job, between Bar and his friends. In order to surprise his girlfriend, he cheats on the 5 year old orphan little Julian, the biological son of one of his friends. But his plans do not go as he wanted, and not only does he leave his girlfriend, but Sony meets his responsibility to take care of a child alone.

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Dad’s War 1 and 2

Brad Whittaker is a mild-mannered radio executive who tries to be a good stepmother to his wife Sarah’s two children. Problems arise when Sarah’s ex – husband Dusty Maroon returns to their lives, forcing Brad to compete for the children’s affection.

Comedy movie Your dad will bring many smiles on his special day. (E)