Nero Zero Give Rock N’ Roll Ass Kicking In LA

Nero ZeroWhen the history of a band is written, the absolute potential of it’s commercial success is dependent upon the quality of the songs it can either write or get it’s hands on.  Now… I may not know all there is to know about music, but there is one thing I do recognize as a critic and listener, and that is good songs.

NERO ZERO took the stage on a Thursday night at The Whisky A Go Go.  However, judging by the noise level and excitement of the crowd, one would have thought it was a Saturday night at the Staples Center.  From the get-go with no holds barred, this driving commercial alternative rock powerhouse quartet (reminiscent of Nickelback, Linkin Park, and Foo Fighters) executed their set with pin point musical precision, literally captivating the audience with their explosive songs, impeccable musicianship, cohesive image, and a larger than life stage presence oozing poise and professionalism.  Throughout the entire show the band commanded the audience, and the crowd’s screams of praise and approval were deafening.  

As a critic, I must admit that sharp-tongued music reviews are in abundance as consequence to a modern day industry spilling over of home recording studios.  A few hundred dollars can make anyone a rock star wannabe.  This has made it more difficult for listeners to find a "diamond in the dirt," so to speak.  Fortunately, I have found one.  NERO ZERO is the real deal.  I could not find one hole, one soft spot, one weakness in this band other than that their set was far too short.  This, however, was not due to lack of material… rather my desire to actually hear more. I guess that cheesy old adage is true – time flies when you’re having fun. 

The truth is, I defy anyone to keep King Of Rock City, Fucking A Rock Star, their sure-to-be-epic Breathe, or any one of the songs they played that night out of your mind after only one listen.  They have an uncanny knack for catchy memorable in-your-face hooks and arrangements that is the bread and butter of hit records, and their live show transcends even the legendary stage at The Whisky A Go Go. 

By far this is the best live band I have seen in a very long time.  If there is any justice in the music industry, Fucking A Rock Star and Breathe will be full-blown hits by next year.

NERO ZERO is truly a ground breaking band.

Live at The Whisky A Go Go
Thursday, January 28, 2010

By Kim Cushington
RockStar Weekly