November 28, 2022

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National League announces pending match for Day 11 match between Olympia and Mottagua – Ten

The end of the regular rounds of the competition Opening in 2021 From National League It will move to make room for the non-competitive capital classic celebration on May 11th.

Organization Secretary, Solomon Calindo, With three days left until the end of the regular rounds, was announced what would happen to the local championship activity, but there was a clash between the two Olympiad And Modagua, The Concoffs are scheduled to rest again on Sunday, September 26 for league games.

“Due to the international battles between Modagua and Marathon on November 2, Olympia will play against Motagua on November 6 or 7, with which it will be ready for day 18,” Kalindo commented.

He added: “We are trying to reconcile with the teams. We do not know the senior team’s calls on the last date because if four or more players are invited from each club, the game may be suspended.”

“What we are doing is saving the programming we have and saving us the obstacles caused by some restructured games and Concacaf games. We are trying to accommodate the qualifying stage of the competition, which is why we should have minimal delays,” the secretary of the National League closed. Solomon Calindo.

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