December 1, 2022

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National Assembly does not approve report on Pandora documents, restricts Guillermo from promoting Lasso | Politics | News

With 82 votes, the legislators asked the president to attend the full session to explain his relationship with assets and capital in the tax haven.

The legislative inquiry into the so-called Pandora documents instructed President Guillermo Lasso to appear before the full session of the National Assembly to explain the direct and indirect relationship between the ownership of goods and property. Tax havens.

During the debate on the report prepared by the Constitutional Guarantees Commission, the lawmakers also cited the decision of Carlos Rio Frio, the governor of Benami State, who ruled in filing the Guillermo Lasso process. He was the direct or indirect owner of goods or capital in the tax havens until the date of registration of the candidacy for the presidency.

The Legislative Report of the Pandora Documents is measured with the opinion of the Comptroller’s Office filing proceedings against Guillermo Lasso.

After four hours of debate, three motions were put forward, but none of them gave credence to the report submitted in the warranty table. One proposed the removal of President Guillermo Lasso, the second set a 30-day term for the first president to appear in full session, and instructed a third president to go to the legislature. Version, and it received 82 votes.

The third motion, tabled by Democratic Left Bank co-ordinator Alejandro Jaramillo, was put on hold after a two-vote majority on the report. , And did not wait for the third movement. This led to legislator Caesar Rohan (PSC) appealing for the post of Speaker of the Legislature, but he had no support in the chamber.

At the session, the chairman of the commission, Jose Cabasco (PK), was briefed on the proceedings of the inquiry carried out by the table and did not mention the results and recommendations of the report.

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But Sofia Sanchez, her co-chair and member of the committee, denied that there were errors in the report, which was approved by six legislators, and that they should be corrected before approving the full session, and that even the appendices to the report were submitted two days after approval.

Legislator Fernando Villavicencio (CN-BSE) argued that if he had sought the weight of the guarantee commission’s report, it would have been harsh because he could not come to the full forum and hear that not even a single document was available. The full session of the legislature invites President Guillermo Lasso to present the documents. “Then as they investigated, respect the investigative press,” he scolded.

Prior to September 23, 2020, Guillermo Lasso showed 24 documents confirming that he had changed or eliminated his interests in foreign companies.

In a report on his parallel investigation into the Pandora documents, he pointed out that he had asked the president to bring his children to the country in line with his economic policy. But he said after showing the documents that “everything is in order and now Guillermo Lasso cannot be charged with any illegal activity.”


The first proposal was made by Paola Cabezas (UNES) to use Article 130 2 of the Constitution, which proposes the removal of the President due to the serious political crisis and the internal turmoil emanating from 600 journalists around the world. To the International Federation of Investigative Journalists in the Pandora Papers case involving Guillermo Lasso Mendoza.

The motion received 51 confirmed votes from the UNES bench and one vote from the Green and Independents. 77 legislators from a department of PAN, IT, BSc and Pachakudik spoke against it. 7 people did not vote.

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The second motion was tabled by legislator Jose Cabasco (Green) as chairman of the Constitutional Guarantee Commission, which convenes President Guillermo Lasso to explain his direct and direct involvement within 30 days. Ownership of goods and property in tax havens.

This text is also not recognized. 61 votes were cast in favor of UNES and one sector of the Green Party. Meanwhile, 47 votes were cast against BAN, one section from the Green and Democratic Left, 27 from the BSC and one section from the Green.

Alejandro Jaramillo, co-ordinator of the Democratic Left Alliance, confirmed that the motion put forward by legislator Pavlo Cappadocia on the application of the provisions of Article 130, No. 2 of the Constitution and the continuation of the process of ousting the President was confusing. Instability.

He said there was no social upheaval in Ecuador, however, and the Orange Bench considers that the President should go to the full session of the Legislature to answer the people of Ecuador in the face of doubts about capital in tax havens.

He finally raised the resolution, which was approved by 82 votes, where he instructed the President to attend the full session, which was attended by the Comptroller’s Office, the Attorney General’s Office, the Banks’ Oversight, the Internal Revenue Service and the Financial and Economic Analysis Division. Therefore, using the first paragraph of Article 231 of the Constitution, they review President Guillermo Lasso’s bank accounts, corporate and trust participation, assets, taxes and patriotic declarations in connection with the publication. Called the Pandora Papers.

In addition, the report and file prepared by the Constitutional Guarantee Commission in the case of the Pandora Papers are scheduled to be sent to the Office of the Regulator, the Office of the Attorney General, the Monitoring of Banks, the Inland Revenue Service and the Financial and Economic Analysis Division. , They, if applicable, may initiate action within the framework of their powers and send to the Speaker of the National Assembly, within 30 days, the progress of the relevant reports within a period of one year.

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The motion received 82 votes in favor of UNES, splitting the ID benches and Pachakuitk. 33 BAN legislators spoke out against it, while 20 from the PSC and 3 from the Green Party did not vote.

Diego Ortones (BAN) described the resolution as “absurd and illegal” because it revived a report that did not have the votes “because a false and falsified statement was not fully endorsed and confirmed by reconsideration.” Vote.

When asked to vote for reconsideration, legislator Caesar Roh (n (former B.Sc.) appealed to the legislature for the position because legislative procedures were not respected. He stated that there was a majority motion, no votes, and then a minority motion, and he had no votes; At the time, the session was allowed to end, and there was no room for proposals, to which he replied, “This is not a circus.” Parliamentary procedures are well defined, he noted.

Legislature Speaker Guadalupe Lori, while defending himself against the appeal, said there was no explicit procedure regarding the treatment of minorities and, therefore, he did not violate the procedure. There were no votes after the vote on the appeal and Lori presided over the session.

The vote on the motion for reconsideration, raised by legislator Diego Ordones, was ordered, which was not passed in the full session, with only 40 firm votes cast, and the session closed. (I)