December 10, 2022

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NASA’s ingenious mini-helicopter survives Tuesday night at -90 ° C


6 abr 2021 08:54 GMT

He landed on the surface of the red planet to study the technology of the aircraft in its atmosphere.

The brilliant mini-helicopter, perched on the rover of diligence, was characterized by freezing temperatures throughout its first night on the surface of Mars, Announced NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory on its official website.

Overnight temperatures drop to -90 C in the Jessero abyss, the base of the machine. It can cause damage to unsafe electrical components. However, the team successfully passed the exam.

“We now have the right insulation and heaters, as well as enough battery power to survive the cold nights,” explained Mimi Ang, a NASA lab colleague.

This Monday, Ingenuity landed on the surface of the red planet. It aims to improve the technology of the aircraft in the Martian atmosphere, whose density is about 100 times less than that of Earth. On its first flight, the vehicle is expected to climb at a speed of one meter per second until it reaches an altitude of three meters, where it stays for 30 seconds and then descends and lands back on Mars.

The machine weighs 1.8 kilograms (680 grams on Mars) and has two propellers and two cameras with a diameter of 120 cm: one in black and white for navigation and the other in color, facing the landscape.

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