August 20, 2022

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Nancy Gonzalez | Colombia | What punishment awaits the designer of the world jet set in America? | the world

Protected by a renowned designer Nancy Gonzalez DeBarberi He started filing legal proceedings after his arrest last Thursday in Galle (Colombia), for the purpose of handing over America.

A so-called international jet set designer of leather bags He faces criminal charges in Florida federal court for illegally introducing dozens of his expensive bags, which cost more than $10,000 each.

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How EL TIEMPO Revealed Paola Soto, An old collaborator of the designer was caught in Miami and turned witness to the authorities after serving two years in prison and reaching a cooperation agreement.

This includes dozens of emails, follow-up videos, and testimonials that show the designer how the network of people who have received training and payments is performing. Smuggling expensive leather goods on commercial flights as gifts and samples for shops and shows.

This behavior may indicate Gonzalez Severe penalties and fines appear in a section of the indictment in the hands of EL TIEMPO.

Punishment and penalty

In fact, the official documentation says that the designer can Smuggling is punishable by up to 20 years in prison. In addition, the offense of conspiracy to send exclusive brand accessories through human mail carries an additional 5 years in prison.

US investigators determined that between 2016 and 2019, the designer and two of his collaborators had sent through human mail. Handbags, purses and wallets made from the skins of exotic animals such as alligators, papillae and snakes.

Added to this are the millionaire fines owed to the designer’s New York-based company, Gzuniga LTD, founded in 2007. For the specified offences, the company has to pay a fine of one million dollars.

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Although this is a small amount compared to the price of the bags, the designer’s company in Colombia is in financial trouble. In fact, over 1,700 million pesos in his bank accounts were seized last December.

In this background, The famous designer’s family is also considering exploring a possible rapprochement with the justice system in the United States, which has been under investigation for months.

Meanwhile, in Colombia they are searching His freedom is due to his age (77 years) and the fact that he is a person with no criminal record or blemish.

On Sunday, three days after his capture, they filed a writ of habeas corpus. But as expressed EL TIEMPO, this Monday an administrative court refused to accept it. There, there were alleged irregularities in the process of arresting him.