My Dog Skip – Blu-ray Review

My Dog Skip

Anyone who has known the joys the companionship of man’s best friend can appreciate the 2000 film My Dog Skip with Frankie Muniz, Diane Lane, Luke Wilson and Kevin Bacon. The beloved canine flick has made its way to Blu-ray this month through Warner Home Video.

My Dog Skip tells the story of Willie (Muniz), a shy and often bullied boy who is unable to make friends in his home town of Yazoo City, Mississippi in 1942. That is until his parents give him a terrier puppy for his ninth birthday. The dog, which he names Skip, becomes well known and loved throughout the community and enriches the life of the boy as he grows into manhood. It is based on the best-selling Mississippi memoir by the late Willie Morris.

The cast is excellent, especially Muniz ( who’s now known for his familiar role as Malcolm from Fox’s Malcolm in the Middle). He plays the part as if he was a child of the 1940s and his bond with Skip is one of the best human/animal relationships since Lassie. His parents, Diane Lane and Kevin Bacon, do a fine job as well. Rounding out the major cast is Luke Wilson, as Willie’s hero and war victim neighbor Dink.

It’s a very optimistic and positive movie that is perfect for all families and a welcome to Blu-ray. The collection is rounded out with two commentaries and some lovely deleted scenes that are now unveiled.

This is a must have for dog lovers and anyone with a family to share with.