Motley Crue Vancouver Concert Was Louder Than Hell

Motley CrueIt was a night rock n’ roll dreams should have been of, but something didn’t seem right in good ol’ Vancouver last night. Aussie metalheads Airbourne, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry (with his solo band) and rock GODS Motley Crue took to the stage at GM Place for a night of mish-mash rock n’ roll.

Of no fault to the headliners, Motley Crue rocked the house with a visual and audio assault that had fists and metal horns thrown in the air the entire show, the problems were more with a shameful and embarrassing performance from Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, who tried to rev the crowd with extremely sub-par versions of early Aero-hits. But more on that later.

In one of the shortest Crue shows I’ve ever seen, the 90 minute set was jammed with most of the tracks we’ve come to expect, but a few neat tidbits were thrown in as well. Some of the rarities included a sparked rendition of Primal Scream, a rare track from the 1991 compilation Decade Of Decadence, the even cooler Louder Than Hell from 1985’s Theatre Of Pain and an inspired Motherfucker Of The Year from 2008’s Saints Of Los Angeles. For a true Motley fan, it was amazing to hear these tracks live.

In true format, the show really was “louder than hell” and had more pyro than most rock shows currently on the road. With regular blasts of flames and the occasional crack of fireworks, the fairly plain stage lit up and spurred on the already excited crowd.

Disappointingly, there was no Tommy Lee drum solo, which has always been the talk of the town afterwards. As the audience was waiting for the Crue to hit the stage you could hear people guessing amongst themselves as to how Tommy would out-do the last time they saw him. But, we never got the chance to see it.

When the band came back to the stage for their final encores, a major glitch with the piano caused Home Sweet Home to sound nothing like it should have, but the guys kept playing, noting that things don’t always work as they should. The show then ended with a powerful version of the title track from their biggest selling album, which was recorded right here in Vancouver, Dr. Feelgood.

Next year marks the 30th Anniversary of the band and will most likely bring about the largest show they will ever do. I anticipate we’ll get bigger lights, more pyro, amazing Tommy Lee drum solos and a bit more than the standard 90 minute set. Last night certainly gave us a good Motley Crue fix that should get us by until then. Enjoy the rest of the tour Canada…

Airbourne is a great Australian metal band that sounds a bit like fellow countrymen AC/DC. The sparse crowd that was there seemed to enjoy themselves, but maybe it was just too early for such a band to be on stage. Airbourne seem to match the energy and excitement that Motley Crue bring to the stage, but the little known band was performing to less people than there were in the foyer and mezzanine level ordering beer.
Airbourne have a great new out now (CD No Guts, No Glory) and the lead single No Way But The Hard Way is a killer metal track. If only the majority of Crue fans would have been there.

Enter the problem child, Joe Perry and his band The Joe Perry Project. It was evident from this lack-luster performance that the “Project” is really just that – an unfinished work in progress that should have never been made public. Other than cat-calls and about 15 people that could be spotted throughout the entire lower bowl audience, no one enjoyed the show. No one. There was a louder reaction when police escorted someone out during the intermission.

Perry ruined Aerosmith classics Let the Music Do the Talking, Toys in the Attic, Walkin’ the Dog, Train Kept-A-Rollin’, and gave the worst version of Walk This Way ever performed. Additionally he further tortured the audience by forcing them to endure tracks from his new CD. I myself, had a chance to catch up on playing good ol’ Ka-Glom! on my Blackberry during Perry’s show. I still haven’t matched my best score, but I did make it to the Top 10 – and believe me, that was more exciting than watching the one who is obviously Aerosmith’s weakest link.

Motley Crue
GM Place
Vancouver, BC
January 24, 2010

By Dan Savoie
RockStar Weekly