Motley Crue Supercharge Victoria Audience

Motley CrueMötley Crüe played to a nearly sold out crowd at the Save On Foods Memorial Centre last night.  The Crüe were on the start of their ," The Dead Of Winter Canadian Tour-2010", which takes them across Canada this winter.  This must have been a great omen to the band as Victoria was bright and sunny and the gods must have been smiling down on them this night… but inside the area, the temperature kept getting hotter and hotter…then Mötley Crüe took to the stage and set off huge pyrotechnics that haven’t been seen since the late 80’s. 

The area was set up with a barricaded buffer, moshing pit , floor seats, box seats and the bowl. The pit was a very spacious area allotted to special fans with the means to be up close.  There was a restriction on moshing and no crowd surfing was allowed. This did not prevent the fanatic Crüe fans from trying.  In between sets and when the lights dimmed, the moshers would try to start the pit and stir things up. Eventually someone would trip or fall and the pit would turn into a violent series of kicks and blows as fights broke up in the cover of darkness. Luckily ISM security moved in quickly and provided first aid and removed the instigators.

This concert showcased a selection of music from the band’s 29 years, including a wide mix of their hits, which for me was capped off at the end of the regular set with Girls Girls Girls.  After leaving the stage for a short rest, the band gave the audience a chance to spark up their lighters and cell phones. The cheers were deafening and the steady roar quickly brought the band back.

When the band took the stage for the second time they came out hitting with two of their biggest songs for the encore.   Home Sweet Home and Dr. Feelgood rocked the arena and left the supercharged crowd with excitement and cheers.  The roar of the crowd could only be matched by the pyrotechnics and explosions at the finally.  The flames billowed skyward as fireworks shot in an arc. The smoke machines spewed in overdrive as the thunderous claps of the explosions climaxed to the crowd in sync.

Mötley Crüe drew a great range of audience to this show. This concert was comprised with the  predominant 20-35 crowd, but some parents brought their younger ones and by doing so were ushering in a new generation to the legacy of Mötley Crüe. I was shocked to see little 8 year olds with their dads standing in the pit rocking out to the band.

In true Mötley Crüe fashion there were a fair share of arrests and fights. ISM Security and local police had their hands full with the crowd all night. Just prior to Crüe coming on stage, there was a lady being ushered into a paddy wagon by four officers.

The sound at the Save On Foods Memorial Centre can only be described as loud. Only half the speakers at the front were used for Airbourne and Joe Perry Project…the ear deafening boom came on as the Crüe took to the stage. The sound was just plain poor, but it didn’t matter. What really mattered on this night was that Mötley Crüe was back and kicking it to the man!

Vince was great on vocals. During the show he jump on the speakers to the left side of the stage and did a Mötley Crüe sized shot of Jäger. Then he threw the bottle to the crowd who did quick work of the 26er! Yeah, the Crüe was back and rocking for the ages.

Tommy played on the drums for most of the night, but came out near the end on piano for a heartfelt rendition of Home Sweet Home. The piano, like the drum set, had cogs and sprockets on the cover.

Mötley Crüe is a band that has been playing for twenty nine years, but with all the ups and downs of the band, the managers, the members and substance abuses, it’s only natural to wonder how much longer they can last. This is a sentiment shared by many of the members and bassist Nikki Sixx spoke during a set break to the crowd. He had them in a frenzy by having the crowd repeat after him:

“God….Please Help Mötley Crüe not kill each other so that they will come back to Victoria for their 30th Anniversary Tour!”

Amen, Nikki… Amen.

Motley Crue

Motley Crue
Save On Foods Memorial Centre
Victoria, BC
January, 23, 2010

By Richard Hargrove
RockStar Weekly