December 1, 2022

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Motagua issues a press release announcing the club’s future after defeats to the League and Concacaf


After a New defeat in Concacaf League And the board of directors should be eliminated in the semi-finals of the National League Motagua Analyze the coach’s continuity Diego Vasquez After eight years in office.

Club before departure information Argentina And has issued a press release stating that the decisions of some footballers will be made in the coming days.

Gonzalo Klusner of Argentina will not be renewed in Modagua

Although the Argentine coach still has a six-month contract, the board has not confirmed him in office as it is evaluating candidates in the event of his plan being severed.

“We would like the team to take the following weeks before the start of the Clausura competition to evaluate the short- and long-term game plan. FC Mottagua Return to the place you own; Be a champion team, ”he says in an excerpt from the post.

“We acknowledge the concern of our fans, the hearts of the very best of the law, who will be the soul and cause for the fans to be this company,” the statement concluded.

Marcelo Pereira reveals what happened during his meeting with Diego Ausci

Modagua failed to win any of the controversial titles, it lasted in the semifinals in the National League and in the final it lost to the Communicians in the Confederations Cup.

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