September 23, 2021

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More than 2,000 people have been fully vaccinated against Govt-19 and the positive rate is 6.9% | Increasing agent

Nail 2,570 Iris Cardona, chief medical officer of the Department of Health (DS), said a total of 1,676,689 people with the completed vaccine series were infected with Govt-19.

This represents 0.1% of all vaccinated populations. Currently, the positive rate recorded by DS today is 6.9%. It was positive at 1.33% a month ago.

Data from the Puerto Rico Electronic Immunization System (PREIS) and the bioportal up to January and June 2021.

In turn, D.S. Fully investigates the increase in infections among vaccinated persons.

“According to preliminary reports from municipal epidemiologists, the cases have been identified as those infected with the virus and infected. It has been used to calculate reliable infections, ”said Chief Epidemiologist Jose Beckera.

For his part, Carlos Melloto Lopez, the agency’s secretary general, did not reiterate that he would do so “for himself and his family.” “We do not want more people to die from the virus that protects us from the vaccine. No vaccine gives us 100% effectiveness, but it does reduce the severity of the disease and the infection of the person being vaccinated,” Lopez stressed.

According to Cardona, the population yet to be vaccinated is about 723,250. Of these, 121 thousand are young people between the ages of 12 and 19. “We need to win the corona virus race, we have the tools to do that, the vaccine. A thousand people, “he said.

The agency’s daily report reflects additional deaths today. To date, the virus has killed 2,568 Puerto Ricans. Most of the deaths were from previous and compromised health conditions. At this time, no deaths have been ruled out by the vaccine.

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