December 1, 2022

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More complaints about corruption: Mafia emerges at home and police and port

A mafia was operating in the Ministry of the Interior and Police, which forged documents and was forced to pay commissions for the regulation of weapons, while a millionaire in the Ports Authority was accused of fraud, for which five employees of the company are being investigated in Puerto Plata.

Interior and Police Minister Jesus Vasquez Martினnez yesterday condemned the permanent closure of the Ministry of Auxiliary Weapons and Ammunition because of the mafia and the dismissal of 51 employees last year.

In response to a request from lawmakers, Vasquez Martinez said he would announce everything available in the ministry by the time he takes office on August 16, when he will appear before the Senate.

“We told the country that there was: an armed mafia operating. The whole country knows that the armed department is a mafia that has been structured for many years,” he said.

Vasquez called the issue “capital” because there were other scams, such as the sale of services, extortion, influence, theft of files and the issuance of cards with false information.

The minister pointed out that strong responses had been given and that these measures were subject to a “more in-depth” investigation, the findings of which were handed over to a panel of lawyers appointed by President Louis Abinadar. .

Ballistics Lab
These lawyers also evaluate the contract awarded to a company for the construction and operation of the Interior and Police Ballistic Laboratory, which captures the ballistic fingerprints of the country’s guns.

“We were surprised to find that the Dominican State’s investment in this agreement was US $ 22,789,920, which is equivalent to RD $ 1,273,956,528.00, which has already paid approximately US $ 19 million, which is equivalent to RD $ 1,062,100,000. , He said.

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From 2014 to date, the beneficiaries of the agreement have received RD $ 2,644,653,200.00 from arms licensees, the official said. “The most important thing we found out when evaluating this agreement was that the important information of the state and the most intimate privacy of the citizens is in the hands of a company, but it is not under the control and supervision of the state,” he said.

The case of Puerto Plata
The investigation into alleged millionaire fraud in the administration of the Dominican Port Authority in Puerto Plata involves at least five employees, including port manager Phila Rodriguez Pavan, who was taken to Santo Domingo headquarters.

According to reports, the staff issued manual receipts that allegedly failed on the computer, which were not registered. In addition, as of last January, about 44 ships would have entered through the local port, and the movement would be less than the amount normally generated.

The entry of vehicles through the local terminal is also quoted, where no explicit numbers are included. This situation would have set alarms to start an investigation.

In addition to the executive, there are two employees of the new administration of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), both serving in the Ports Authority from the previous government, who is primarily responsible for the estimated fraud? Millions of pesos against the company.

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Regarding the safety of citizens, Vasquez said, “We address and dedicate as much as possible through the participation of citizens, because” this is everyone’s responsibility.

He explained that in 7 and a half months the ministry has saved the state RD $ 246,175,117.68 in fuel, mobile phone, tags, auto insurance and disposal of bottles.

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