December 1, 2022

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Monterrey vs Atlas (0-0): Summary | Riotos were unable to hunt down Zorro

BBVA Stadium /

In the first leg of the quarterfinals at the Steel Giant Stadium, Underlined Unable to take advantage of home ground and drew without a goal against Atlas, Had a bump in the first half and headed that Javier Aguirre Although they did not aim to give Volda peace of mind, they were able to rebuild.

Although Albiazuls finished the first half with 53 percent of the ball, They went without a break without even a shot, Goal or off course, began to be dominated by some red and black men, but then the game became dirty with multiple kicks.

The Foxes They were disturbed Estepan Androda At the start of the match, they are behind the defense when looking for a ball Sebastian Vegas Could not refuse and the ball fell Julian Quinones Area, but the Argentine goalkeeper cut the game well.

The meeting started with the cheers of the royal fans Julian Quinones, Unforgivable for his past Tigers When the local sound in the audience line announced it, and half the time due to the lack of a show they now went local.

In the fill area The Gang He came out more motivated to attack, recording his first shot at 51 Maxi Mesa Forced that Camilo Vargas Need to stretch to get the ball.

At 59, the Royals seemed to be celebrating Rogelio’s first score Funs Mori Pushed to the bottom of the center of the networks Mesa From the left, but the referee canceled the game Offside.

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Aggression Montreal The whole stadium was engrossed in pushing those in the stadium forward, with one of Vincent Johnson, who wanted to respond in ’71 and took the cannon shot he had rejected. Camilo Vargas.

Returning match between Striped and Atlas Next Saturday, November 27 at 9:05 pm, who will advance will be defined. Semi-final.