Monte Pittman Sheds Glam And Electric Guitars For Solo Acoustic Show (video)

Monte PittmanMonte Pittman
Molly Malone's
Los Angeles, CA
December 18, 2010

By Cindy Cichon and Isla Sands
Photos By Barbara Dengel

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As soon as "the guitarist-of-the stars" Monte Pittman performed the last date of Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour on December 16, he headed out on his own for a sold-out show two days later. LA hotspot Molly Malone’s was the venue for the talented singer/songwriter/guitarist for an evening of music featuring new material and selected songs from his acoustic CD “The Deepest Dark”.

With it’s mellow acoustic sound, and his smooth and heartfelt vocals, Monte delivers his tracks with an intensity not often heard in today’s music. His album was written entirely by him, with the exception of “The Circle”, which was co-written with Adam Lambert and Tommy Victor (and had been previously recorded by The Citizen Vein).

The music reflects Pittman's desire for a sound that is “as organic as possible, kind of like how Zeppelin or Pink Floyd would have recorded it back in the day…" The songs, running the gamut of emotions that are universal yet obviously his own, are not so much stripped back as they are viscerally honest; guitar and voice working a kind of mind-meld rapport with live audiences.  This certainly was the case at the concert.

Accompanied by Tommy Ratliff (of Adam Lambert's band on bass) and Brian Creamer (drums), the music had less to do with artful polish and more to do with direct, raw music making. Adam Lambert music this is not! But with Monte, we wouldn't want his music any other way. It's original, heartfelt and honest.

He performed only five songs from "The Deepest Dark" (Cold, Under the Same Sun, Rain is Falling,  Colors Wash Away, The Circle), but concentrated on some new songs (Definitely, Pain Love and Destiny, Candle Fading, Lost, Down the Garden, Fortune). Kicking off with "Cold "and my personal favorite "Under the Same Sun," the show was bare, exposed and extremely vulnerable. A YouTube video has surfaced for Candle Fading, which shows the trio working their way through the upbeat acoustic song. Check the video out below.

Monte stays in the moment throughout the show. His mastery of the guitar means that he doesn't use it to embellish, but effortlessly lets it become holistic to the song's delivery musically and emotionally. He is charismatic, entertaining and one heck of a guitarist.

If you missed this showcase, do yourself a favor and stop by the Fishman Booth at NAMM 2011 in Anaheim on January 16 or grab a ticket to The Mint in Los Angeles on January 24.You won't be disappointed.

Molly Malone's Set List:
Under The Same Sun
Candle Fading
Colors Wash Away
Out Of The Black
Down The Garden
The Circle
Pain Love and Destiny
Rain Is Falling