August 16, 2022

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Modugua beat Real Espana to win the 2022 title of Glasgow Tournament through the exhibition of Angel Tejeta

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Motagua beat Real España 3-0 in the final of the 2022 Clausura Tournament this Sunday at the Chelato Uclés National Stadium.

In the 28th minute, Angel Djedo put in a superb game, with Roberto Morera and Paraguayan striker Luis ‘Pupa’ Lopez unleashing a powerful left-footed shot into the capital’s Colossus.

Blue Cyclone came up with everything in the second half and saw the prize as 2-0. Jesse Moncada entered the area, he was alone, he made the shot, it was hidden by ‘Buba’ Lopez, but he jumped the ball and in the 58th minute Djeda pushed it deep.

The machine was with 10 men in the 70th minute when Gerson Chavez was sent off with a straight red card after a tough error against Walter Martinez.

In the 85th minute, Angel Tejeda pulled another great move on his sleeve to assist Ivan Lopez, and beat El El Sino Real Espana goalkeeper with excellent quality.

Background between the two clubs

This is the eighth tie between the two clubs in the final, and the series is tied with seven wins and three draws each, out of the seven predecessors of the first game.

It all started in 1974. The final was played in a single game, which was at the National, where Cado Bavon Molina presented the crown to the Arinecros for the first time. They met again a year later, after which the series was limited to two games. It started at National and it was 0-0.

For the 1978-1979 tournament, Picchini gave Bernadette Blues the win. Many years passed and in 1990-1991 it became another 0-0.

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In the 1991-1992 tournament, the first Lek San was launched for the first time in Point Pedro Sula, where the engine and the hurricane did not harm each other. In 1997-1998 in Aberdera, Mottagua won the Olympics 3-0 and gave the power kick. Already last 2017-2018 in Aberdera, Real Espana beat Modagua 2-0.

Starting rows:

Motagua: Marlon Ligona; Wesley Texas, Denil Maldonado, Marcelo Pereira, Marcelo Santos; Jonathan Nunes, Walter Martinez, Jesse Moncada, Juan Delcado; Roberto Morera and Angel Djeda.

Coach: Hernan Medina (ARG).

Royal Spain: Luis Lopez, Maron Flores, Ketzel Montes, Devron Garcia, Kevin Alvarez, Joe Benavides, Maron Flores, Gerson Chavez, Carlos Magia, Jr. Lago and Carlos Bernardes.

Coach: Hector Vargas (ARG).

Ground: National Chelato Uclés.

Sending: TVC

Referee: Melvin Madamoros.