November 28, 2022

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Moduga qualify for the final of the Congolese League after losing in a draw to Forge FC in the National – Diesel.

Will be charming for the third time !. The Motagua He qualified for the finals Concacaf League 2021 Then 0-0 draw with Forge FC At the National Stadium. The Blues advanced with visiting goals (in Canada they were tied 2-2).

Group of Diego Vasquez He suffered more than the budget, but in the end he achieved his goal and will compete in the third final of the tournament.

It is measured by title Contacts Honduran fighters from Guatemala Jr. Lagayo, He beat Quastadova 3-1 to advance.

The Blues will open at home and close at the Torreo Guamu Flores Stadium in Guatemala.

They forgave each other in the first part

The Canadian team came to the Nationals to play a brilliant game and seek to kick off the counter-attack.

He closed the gap for the Blues and in two leaked balls in 11 minutes he had already attempted Omar Brown’s dangerous shots, scoring the second goal, but Jonathan Rugier flew to deflect.

Modagua was quiet, shook the pressure and on the 19th he had to open the account with the caption of Roberto Morera, which collided with the post.

At 24, Marco Vega also tried to hit goalkeeper Tristan Henry with an easy-going header, but he entered with the ball.

Forge FC again forgave 40, Joshua Navarro only got in that area, but ended up taking the shot wide.

Klusner made a mistake, but Mottagua kept the ticket

In filling, Forge had the same defensive volume. This forced Diego Vasquez to bring in Ivan “Cino” Lopez and Gonzalo Klusner to set foot on the accelerator.

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At the age of 73 “Sino” got a fantastic pass from Kevin Lopez, but goalkeeper Henry controlled it.

The time countdown has begun. Every time the Canadians tried, they caused frustration in the blues.

Motacua scored 85, but only Gonzalo Klusner lifted it after a superb play by Kevin Lopez just before the goal.

Time is up. Modagua cannot beat a team from Canada, but it has qualified for the final of the Concacaf League.


Modagua: Jonathan Rogier, Christopher Melandes, Carlos Melandes, Marcelo Pereira, Omar Elvir; Juan Delcado, Hector Castellanos, Kevin Lopez, Diego Aski; Marco Vega and Roberto Morera. DD Diego Vasquez.

At least 46
Enter: Christopher Melendus
Off: Hector Castellanos

At least 69
Enter: Evan Lopez
For Sale: Marco Vega

Entry: Gonzalo Klusener
Sale: Roberto Morera

At least 90 + 4
Entry: Wesley Children
Off: Kevin Lopez

Forge FC: Tristan Henry, Dominic Samuel, Guam Auva, Kyle Becker, Alexander Achiniotti, Maxim D’Sot, Molham Papouli, Tristan Borges, Carven-Michi Metzola, Joshua Navarro and Omar Brown. DT Bobby Smimiotis.

At least 64

Enter: Palo Sabak
For Sale: Tristan Borges

Entry: David Sonier
Sale: Joshua Navarro

At least 75
Entry: Woobens Pacius
For sale: Garven Metusala

At least 81
Enter: Christopher Nanco
For Sale: Omar Brown.

Yellow: Roberto Morer and Pavlo Sabak.