August 9, 2022

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Modagua wanted it, but drew 0-0 in the first leg of the 16th round against Seattle Saunders at the Olympics.


Saunders e in Modagua and Seattle eThey joined in the first leg (0-0) of the 16th round Concacaf Champions League Played this Thursday night at San Point Pedro Sula Olympic Stadium.

Directed by Honduran Group Diego Vasquez, He was more important throughout the game, however, as he continued, he was not lucky enough to break the team’s defensive lock. Major League Soccer (MLS).

In the first 45 minutes, the Eagles had clear scoring chances. In particular, Marcelo Pereira’s error (12 ‘) under Seattle Saunders’ goal, his shot on the crossbar prevented him from celebrating the first goal of the match.

The Americans also tried their own, but they found a real defensive wall between the DsIf Maldonado and Wesley Texas Being on time for their coverage.

Among the gestational area, it is worth highlighting the actions of adolescents Jonathan NunesExcellent performance in game branding and distribution.

Modagua is due to leave for Seattle next Thursday, February 24 at 9:45 pm. They will advance to the next round with a draw (goal) or the victory of any marker.

Minute by minute review of Saunders FC on Motacua VS Seattle!

The second half was over: Modagua draw 0-0 with Seattle Saunders in the first leg of the 16th round of the Congolese Champions League.

90 ‘4 extra minutes added!

89 Change at Saunders in Seattle! Jackson Reagan was appointed to replace Jordan Morris.

88 ‘: Jesse Mongota (Modagua) fouled on the left wing.

82: Change at Saunders in Seattle! Get out of Kelin Rover; Freddie Montero enters.

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77: Changes in Motagua! They leave, Franco Olego and Diego Aski; Carlos Mejia and Evan Lopez enter.

76: Yellow in Seattle Saunders! Kelin Rover was recorded for the violent game.

69 & # 39; Motagua saved! Jordan Morris (Seattle Saunders) unleashes a powerful shot. Defender Wesley DeCas stepped inside and deflected.

65:Change in Mottagua! Lucas Balduncial Exit; Enter Jesse Mongota.

64 ‘ Punishment? Modagua claims to have made a mistake against Olego within that area.

63 ‘ Change at Saunders in Seattle! YesAle Nicholas Lodero; Enter the Nouhou Tolo

58 ‘: Change in Mottagua! Roberto Morera leaves; Enter Angel Tejeta.

57 ‘ Yellow! Lucas Balduncial (Motagua) is warned to play violently.

54 ‘: Jonathan Nunes (Modagua) shows clarity in midfield.

53 ‘The best penetration of Mottagua. Diego Aski shoots into the area and deflects the Seattle Defense Corner kick.

50 ‘Roberto Morero’s shot near Stephen Free’s goal!

49 ‘Excellent bearing. Denil Maldonado has more control over the Mottagua defense.

Four. Five ‘ Start the second half! Moves the ball at the Saunders Olympics in Seattle. Motagua pressures.

Four. For‘Finish the first timeOr: Mottagua 0-0 Seattle Saunders.

42 ‘At the right time! Wesley Texas (Modagua) missed Seattle’s first goal on defense.

39 ‘Wesley Texas (Modagua) destroys the defensive zone with a free kick from Seattle.

38 ‘Intervention Marlon Ligona (Modagua goalkeeper).

36 & # 39; Long line of Diego Aski. Forward Roberto Morera (Modagua) got up and banged his head. The goalkeeper consists of.

27 ‘: It can’t be! Lucas Baldunciel (Modagua) missed a clear goal opportunity with the help of Omar Elvir. The Argentine footballer tried to finish with a volley.

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24 ‘Roberto Morera misses after a corner kick!

22 ‘: Analysis! Modagua claims guilt against Olego.

21 ‘: Failed! Albert Rusnok (Seattle Saunders) appeared in the area and was shot extensively.

17 ‘: He missed it! Baldunciel assisted Olego, who ended up taking a deflected shot to the edge of the area.

12 & # 39; MLS Team Saved! After a corner kick, Marcelo Pereira found a loose ball in the box and hit the star crossbar. In the second shot, Omar Elvir appeared with a violent left foot, his shot was in the defensive zone.

08 ‘Oops! Raul Ruidias shoots from a long distance. Goalkeeper Marlon Ligona saved the shot. His first clear intervention.

07 ‘: Jonathan Nunes (Modagua) penetrates deep into the Seattle area. Controls attendance without security issues.

06´ Franco Olego (Modagua) gets special attention during a fierce confrontation in the ball controversy.

03’Danger! Seattle attack with Jordan Morris. Defender Marcelo Pereira has the play.

02´ Action! The arbitrator punishes Mistake made by Marcelo Santos (Modagua) against Lodiro (Seattle).

01´ Start the first half!

7:55 pm Motagua and Seattle Sounders take the field for their preview!

7:20 pm: Platila from Modagua trains on the lawn of the Olympic Stadium.

7:00 pm: Club rows

Modagua: Marlon Ligona, Denil Maldonado, Marcelo Pereira, Franco Origo, Raul Santos, Wesley Tecas, Roberto Morera, Omar Elvir, Diego Auszky, Jonathan Nunes, Lucas Balduncial

Alternative: Jonathan Rogier, Carlos Magia, Evan Lopez, Angel Lopez, Diego Rodriguez, Jesse Moncotta, Christopher Melandes

6:40 pm: No fans! No fans came to the Olympic Stadium to watch the match between the Saunders of Mottagua and Seattle.

620 pm: The Seattle Saunders FC team, led by coach Brian Schmeicher, arrived at the Olympic Colossus in a match against Mottagua.

Motagua This Thursday gets SYield Saunders FC of Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States To the 16th round of the league Concacaf Champions, to Playing at 8.00pm on the field Metropolitan Olympics.