May 20, 2022

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Mistakes that Casey White and Vicky White brought to an end

(CNN) – A large sum of money. Exit car. A great world to hide in.

When prisoner Casey White and her jailer Vicky White were released from an Alabama prison on April 29, it was as if they were upside down when they were released from an Alabama prison.

For 11 days, the couple – they were not relatives – were in hiding. Until the car chase on Monday In Evansville, Indiana, Casey White, 38, and Vicky White, 56, died of an apparent gunshot wound. During this time, their disappearance became a matter of national interest, and the public’s tip helped to locate them within five hours of their disappearance.

Sheriff gives details of Casey White being transferred back to prison 0:43

Lauderdale County was ready to let the escapees out of prison, giving them a greater advantage than the officers trying to catch them. Before escaping, Vicky White sold her house for about $ 95,500 – far below market value – and used the false name to buy an orange 2007 Ford Edge SUV, which the couple used to flee to Florence, Alabama. He also videotaped shopping for menswear, which Vig later wore.

But Casey White – who faces 75 years in prison for other crimes – and Vicky White – a senior officer with a stellar professional reputation – also faced obstacles such as early removal of the vehicle. Do things in public places in support of his journey and his escape.

As his notoriety increased his lawlessness seemed to accumulate, law enforcement experts told CNN, who eventually pronounced the end of the search for independence.

“They had the money, they had the ability to change traffic and transportation patterns, but they did not take advantage of it,” former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe told CNN on Monday. “That’s how they got caught.”

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The escape plan was “well planned and calculated”

Retired Inspector General of the Texas Criminal Justice Department John Moriardy, who has served on other prison escape cases, said escape plans usually do not go beyond prison or prison walls. A prison officer.

“They usually have a better plan, but if something goes wrong they don’t know how to deal with it,” Moriardi said.

The escape of Vicky White and Casey White was “apparently well-planned and calculated,” Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said Monday before his arrest. “They prepared a lot for this. They had a lot of resources, they had money, they had vehicles, they had everything they needed to pull this off.”

“They gave us a six-hour start,” he said, adding that Vicky White had used a credible excuse to bail Casey White out of prison – and that he was taking her for a mental assessment.

As second-in-command at the detention center, Whiteton said Tuesday that he had “planned a van trip that morning and made sure all other armed officers were busy outside the building and on the court.” “When the registrar himself – the deputy director – told her she was going to take him to court and leave with the other staff, she knew she would not inquire.”

“She set it up: she bought the exit car, she sold the house, she got the money, she went shopping, she bought him clothes. The brain behind the whole project.

Casey White will return to prison and there will be special operations in his room 0:57

An obvious clue to the abandoned truck

But a major setback for the couple may have come soon after, when they threw their escape vehicle: about two hours north of the Ford Edge City Jail, found in a drag area in Williamson County, Tennessee. , The U.S. Marshals Service said Friday.

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The SUV was towed the day the couple went missing after the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office found it abandoned and locked without tags or identifying information, a sheriff’s office spokesman told CNN. Singleton told a news conference Friday that the couple may have abandoned the Ford Edge due to mechanical problems. Nothing found inside.

William Sorogas Jr., a retired head of the Marshall Service’s intelligence unit, told CNN from the United States that whatever the reason for his vehicle’s disposal, the condition of the vehicle and where it was found.

Fugitives often throw a vehicle at the airport or in the parking lot of a large shopping mall, where they may not be found for some time, the couple said before being found. The fact that Vicky White and Casey White’s SUVs were dropped in the middle of the countryside “should change the plans they had about where they were going or how they got there,” Sorocas said.

In Tennessee, Vicky White and Casey White spent $ 6,000 to buy the Ford F-150, U.S. Marshalls commander Chad Hunt told CNN.

Where they went next is a mystery, however Casey White has been “pretty honest” with investigators since her arrest, and they have not shared details publicly, said Vanderburg County Sheriff Dave Wedding in Indiana.

Money can be a double-edged sword

Jeffrey Walker, a professor of criminal justice at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, said it is very difficult to find someone if you have the evidence. “It’s true he sold his house and took the money out … he created a fund for them to settle down and survive for a while,” he told CNN before being captured.

However, money can be a double-edged sword, these experts told CNN. Although Vicky White and Casey White have money, they have to go out in public to spend on food, water, clothing and petrol. To complicate the situation, Casey White was clearly 6-foot-5, which Moriardi said was “better than a tattoo on your forehead”.

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In fact, it is believed that Casey White was caught on surveillance camera at the Evansville car wash, where investigators discovered the 2006 Ford F-150 they bought in Tennessee.

The jailer and inmate are believed to have been in Evansville since May 3, the wedding said. Casey White and Vicky White are believed to have purchased another vehicle at some point, Hunt said.

Investigators released photos of the car wash Monday; Vicky White does not appear in them.

On the same day, surveillance officers found Vicky White wearing a wig as he was leaving a hotel, Sheriff Marty Keeley said. She and Casey White boarded a Cadillac and set off, the journey ending in his arrest and her death.

Within days of the couple’s escape, security experts told CNN that authorities could talk to people they knew. Sorogas said the goal would have been to create a “complete picture of their lives” to help authorities “determine how they are doing and what they are doing in life before they escape.”

Now Casey White is talking to investigators about what really happened, which will soon be revealed, including perhaps the most confusing question: why are they not more than 300 miles away.

“It is incomprehensible that they had the benefit of the moment, and it seems like they were wasting their stay in Evansville, Indiana,” McCabe told CNN, “basically allowing the investigation to catch up with them.”

CNN’s Jason Hannah contributed to the report.