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Miss 89, What’s This About: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Characters And How To Watch The Stars And Pandya Series | தொடர் nnda nnlt | Fame

For lovers PlaysComing “Miss 89தொடர், a series centered on beauty pageants, will reflect the Mexican glamor community of the 80s, which will make the most beautiful women compete for the crown.

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Although this is the dream of many women, appearing in a world surrounded by fame and success will soon take a serious turn and become a real dream for competitors.

Next, we tell you everything you need to know about mystery and social criticism and the drama that connects it Is in production , The Chilean filmmaker was nominated for an Oscar in 2013 for the film “No”. It is worth noting that the series was set in Mexico in the 80s.

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“Miss 89” (Photo: Starzplay) The illusion of 32 young people will disappear with the cruelty of this beauty pageant.

What is “SEÑORITA 89 about?

“Miss 89” tells the story of 32 beauty queens, From different parts of the Aztec country, they have different customs. They They have to be ready for the competition in a remote and isolated place for three months The next Miss Mexico is from their families with the same purpose.

Although it seems that they will live in paradise, the place located in the mountains will turn into hell little by little., Because they have to pay a very high price to keep the crown. Behind the glamor is the dark world of abuse, drugs and violence, from which they can only come out alive if they decide to join. Even four of the participants will be involved in political corruption, which will result in death.

Also, the plot follows Concepcion, the leader of the beauty pageant The most important in the country, along with a team of skilled makeup artists, trainers and surgeons, get women on the La Encantada farm.

In this way, this new fiction shows the dark and perverse side behind beauty pageants where luxury, abuse and corruption are the daily bread.

Presenting to Conceptual Media and Participants to Competitors "Miss 89" (Photo: Starzplay)
Conceptual “Miss 89” introduces contestants to media and participants (Photo: Starsplay)

“Miss 89” Trailer

In the 2 minute 10 second trailer, it starts with Concepcion saying: “Everyone believes that beauty is something that happens without any effort. Ask these women if they are, and if these women are beautiful, I assure you that they are all queens because they fought so hard..

After that, the women can be seen coming to a farm where they are the only contact workers with the outside world. Immediately, we see how they begin to treat them badly. “Here you do not serve us, do not sow or esculidas”He mentions one of the women in charge of training them.

At that point they are subjected to or forced into procedures to obtain the perfect body accepted by society for a beauty queen. They are monitored all the time, create anxiety and discover all the evils behind this world.

At the end, one of the girls is asked to say: “Mexico expects to see heaven, we are going to show hell for it”.

When and where to watch “SEÑORITA 89”?

The play “Miss 89” will be released on February 27, the first two episodes of which will be released on that date. From the third to the eighth, that is, at last, one episode will be aired every Sunday.

The series will be aired in Latin America by Starzplay, co-produced by Pantaya and Chilean production company Fábula.

Official poster "Miss 89"A play that captivates the audience (Photo: Starzplay)
Official poster for “Miss 89”, a play that captivates the audience (Photo: Starzplay)

Actors and characters

Concept ILSE rooms

In ‘Señorita 89’, Ilse Salas brings to life Concepción, the leader of a beauty pageant. “When she greets little girls, she says, ‘This is my place in the world.’ This is very important to her because this is what they gave her: the opportunity to control, there are so many things she can not control, so she uses her patriarchal power, and the world of her contradictions starts from there. Says.Mexican about his character.

Natasha DuParon as Isabel (Miss Yukatan)

Natasha DuPont gives life to Isabel, Miss Yukatan. “She says: ‘You value me for what you see. I want a family, but I want a career. It’s not controversial, you’re playing a meaningless game.’ That’s the beauty of this series, all the characters are at odds with each other and learn from these contradictions. A woman who knows what she wants, is willing to do anything, including pass herself off to get it.

XIMENA Romo as Elena

Actress Ximena Romo plays Elena the Elephant Goddess, a strong young woman who wants to end up within the human trafficking network in the beauty pageants presented in “Miss 89”.


Mexican Barbara Lopez plays Dolores, Miss Guerrero. He is also one of the contestants, making him the sad star of the group. “Dolores is used to living with all sorts of abuses, she’s used to do horrible things, but she’s not a defeated woman. She’s broken inside, but on the outside she’s constantly acting like a ghost.

Leady Cutters as Jocelyn (Miss Chihuahua)

Actress Leidy Guttierez brings to life Joslin, Miss Chihuahua, a candidate who brings to the table the issue of missing women in Juarez.

The rest of the cast

  • Cody Camacho as Angels, Miss Oaxaca.
  • Ketsemani Vela as Miss Guanajuato.
  • Nuria Vega as Miss Tlaxcala.
  • Costanza Andrade as Miss Queretaro.
  • Jimena Romo as Elena.
  • Floor Eduardo Curola as Louisa.
  • Ianis Guerrero as Antonio.
  • Monica del Carmen as Licha.
  • Nico Cullen as Leo.
  • Ruth Ramos as Carla.
  • Marcel Alonso.
  • Juan Manuel Bernal.
  • Louis Ernest Franco.
  • Maple chain.
  • Ida Lopez.
  • Ari Brigman.
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