May 23, 2022

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Minnesota Twins Inn Miguel Sano for knee surgery;  There is no timetable for return

Minnesota Twins Inn Miguel Sano for knee surgery; There is no timetable for return

Baltimore – Minnesota Twins player Miguel Sano He will undergo surgery to repair a meniscus tear in his left knee, and there is no time frame for his return, coach Rocco Baldeli said on Tuesday.

Sano was placed on the 10-day list of infected people on Monday. He sustained the injury on April 26 while celebrating Minnesota’s 5-4 victory over the Tigers, a match that was decided in the final.

Sano returned to play on Saturday but left early with knee pain.

“He tried to play through it but he did something during that match, and we had to take him out,” Baldeli said.

Sano was not at the club on Tuesday afternoon before he faced the Orioles twins. Baldeli said the operation will take place later this week.

“He was definitely in favor of doing that, and I think our medical staff would agree with him,” Baddeley said.

It is uncertain how long Sano will be sidelined.

“I don’t have a timetable,” Baldeli said.

It’s been a tough season for 28-year-old Sano, who hits .093 (5 for 54) in one home run. To make matters worse, he will be wasting some time after sustaining an injury during the post-match celebration.

“There is no way to talk about it [the injury] Without mentioning it, Baldeley said. “Honestly, delving into it doesn’t achieve much. The guy just wants to get [the surgery] This is done as quickly as possible so that he can return to the field.”

Sano got involved in majors with the Twins in 2015 and has spent his entire career with the club. He reached 34 Homer in 2019 and 30 last season.

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