May 17, 2022

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Ministry of Public Works: David de las Santos involved in killing guards

It sounds horrible, but it did happen, according to the Ministry of Public Works’ charge against seven people accused of killing young David de las Santos when he was arrested on April 27 and taken to the Enchante Naco unit.

According to the document justifying the demand for compulsory action, The young man was taken to the scene, where he was greeted by Captain Domingo Alberto Rodriguez Rodriguez. Private San Manuel Gonzalez Garcia said, “He was handcuffed on the back and introduced to the handcuffed room in a criminal manner and in violation of his fundamental rights. The accused was arrested Santiago Medio Victoriano, Michael Perez Ramos and Jean Carlos Martinez Pena and Haitian whistle beer.

Seeing that he was handcuffed and looking at the other prisoners who had released their hands, he began to shout some loud words. The annoying situation of his cellmates starting to hit his head And other body parts, which in turn caused officers to spray pepper spray on the cell, causing further inconvenience to David cellmates.

Defendants: Capt. Domingo Alberto Rodriguez Rodriguez, Second Lieutenant German Garcia de la Cruz, Corporal Alfonso Ticena Hernandez and private San Manuel Gonzalez Garcia (or wing Manuel Gonzalez, who were always in control of the situation). .

After spraying the peppers, David’s colleagues beat him again. “Without the slightest possibility of defending himself, he was handcuffed, this time able to destroy his full strength, which caused him to fall to the ground.

“When he was beaten by their fists, the prisoner took some tennis shoes belonging to Whistle Bear and beat him up all night, causing him to faint on the ground, which was allowed by the National Police. The indictment filed by the Ministry of Public Works yesterday points out that.

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“They failed in their duty and were fulfilled Behavior of co-offenders facing acts of torture And barbarism against the victim, ”he points out.

The public ministry yesterday demanded the detention of seven defendants, which is expected to be known in the next few hours.