December 7, 2022

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Milacros faced German Dicom

Milacros German, a spokesman for one of the first officers appointed by Louis Abinader shortly before taking office as President of the Republic on August 16, 2020, completed his term as Presidential Spokesman and his spokesman one year and 21 days after taking office. “Government of Change”.

Now her headquarters will be on Malegaon de Santo Domingo, as Minister of Culture, with higher salaries and more staff under her leadership.

Since earning a total salary of 225 thousand pesos per month on the title of Digam, he went into culture, where Carmen Herredia, now a government adviser, came to earn 300,000 pesos.

The “Diva of Television”, in its affidavit before the Accounts Room, presented assets of 186 million pesos, and when he was a public servant he decided not to receive any kind of advertising from the state on his shows or on social networks.

“For the sake of transparency, I would like to say that while I am at a public ceremony I have accepted that our TV shows and our social networks do not receive advertising from any government agency,” said the producer of the Sever Night program. His name is Milacros Artis Bosch, a letter was sent to the Director of Government Ethics.

The popular Sower Nights show, which airs from Monday to Friday and then on Saturdays since 2003, took a break on December 27, four months after becoming a German civil servant. In his plan he always harshly criticized the government of Danilo Medina.

The controversies he exposed before Dicom

Senator Evan Lorenzo of the Dominican Liberation Party brought to the ground Germany’s request to explain the general contracting process in Dicom.

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In particular, Elias Pina, a legislator, appeared in the appellate court to the then government’s director of communications and sought approval for a resolution from an adviser to explain RD $ 3,500,000 and 100 million pesos for advertising with mothers. Day focus

German and Lorenzo had many times and guidelines. Well, the officer defended the transparency of her administration and asked the accounting committee to audit her administration, which was 8 months old at the time. As he passed, he asked the audit system to “see” the PLD management at DICOM.

There is no 100 million advertising campaign for Mother’s Day. We have a budget that will be implemented efficiently, transparently and democratically. Those who come to serve the government are not afraid to see the truth. We are not all the same, ”said one of the German legislators.

Trend on social media

On more than one occasion, Diva was a trend on Twitter, where some questioned her communication skills, while others defended her.

We only cite the case where he used the continent to refer to the Spanish island shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and argued that he used the word “continent” as a metaphor in his defense.

“A day for history. So we are building this new path, respect between fraternal nations. Help and cooperation. Because we are these two continents,” a spokesman tweeted after the signing of a cooperation agreement between then-Dominican President Louis Abinader and then-assassinated Haitian President Jovnell Mois. Did.

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