December 1, 2022

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Michael Leono lamented the LTTE’s strength over Sivas

Montreal, Nuevo Len /

Sivas Unable to recover any points on the grounds of the University Stadium and fell with the Tigers on the 16th. Opening in 2021, And coach Marcelo Michael Liano saved the second half they did, but at least they didn’t have the strength to level the game.

“The truth today is, everything I say sounds like an excuse, you saw it on the court, the first half was a game where we landed on the scoreboard with the best goal of our competitor. It is not easy to come to a court like this and snatch the ball from Tigris and dominate. The tie was there, and then we had to be even stronger, the opponent came three times and scored two goals. We have come, we have come, we have to improve the definition and maintain the size of the second half, ”he said.

Said way to motivate the team for the last day against the strategist of the Holy Flock Macadlon Just by showing them the position they had in the second half at Volcano, they didn’t think they had a center forward.

“The team was able to get good moments in different games, but it was not related to the names of the players, There were irregular games in our other games and today Antuna scored a goal We must continue to work, ”he added.

Liano Progress, however, is in his hands, he said Sivas It ranks twelfth in the table with 19 points, but it is followed Poomas With 18, பச்சுகா With 17 and Athlete San Louis With the same number, even if they have pending games.

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