September 30, 2022

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Miami Beach with emergency and curfew order

(CNN) – Miami Beach Mayor Dan Kelber declared a state of emergency and issued a curfew order on Saturday, saying the crowd that had recently arrived in the city was “more than we can handle.”

“Many are coming, in fact, without the intention of following the rules, resulting in chaos and disorder, which is more than we can bear,” Kelber told CNN’s Ana Cabrera.

People have fun walking on Ocean Drive on Miami Beach, Florida on March 18, 2021. Credit: Joe Radley / Getty Images

At 8:00 p.m., a curfew order will be established in the city’s entertainment district and some roads will be closed, Kelber told a news conference Saturday. He explained that these measures will be in effect for the next 72 hours.

The mayor said roads leading from the mainland to Miami Beach will be closed to residents starting at 9pm over the next few nights.

At night, “it feels like a rock concert, people go wall to block and block,” Kelber told Cabrera.

On Friday night, someone threw a gun into the air, where a riot broke out, he said.

“Other things happened, and they were challenging,” the mayor said.

According to Kelber, the situation is getting worse every day, and the epidemic is “making things worse.”

Cleveland South Beach, one of Miami Beach’s iconic hotels, announced Friday that it is suspending food and beverage operations due to safety concerns for its staff and customers.

“Recently, we are increasingly concerned about the safety of our dedicated staff and valued customers and the city’s ability to maintain a safe environment in the surrounding area,” the hotel said in a message on its website and social media.

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“Therefore, we have made a tough decision to suspend food and beverage activities until at least March 24,” the hotel’s management said in a statement.

Credito: Joe Reidle / Getty Images

The Miami Beach Police explained on February 3 that “Super Bowl increased staffing over the weekend, President’s Day weekend, and then we went straight to staff for spring break.” Ernesto Rodriguez, spokesman for the Miami Coast Guard (MPPT), issued a statement this week.

Since Feb. 3, agents have arrested more than 900 people in the city, more than 300 of whom have been charged with serious crimes, the report said. “At least 50% of those arrested live outside of Florida.”

Rodriguez told CNN on Saturday that “at least two dozen arrests” were made Thursday and “Friday, at least a dozen.”

The crowd is high as Miami-Tate police have been cooperating with the MPPD since Tuesday, Rodriguez said.

The Florida Highway Patrol agents provided assistance to traffic control on MacArthur and Julia Duttle Causeways and bridges connecting the mainland, the MBPD said in a tweet Friday.

According to Rodriguez, the Coral Cables Police Department and the Miami Date Corrections Department are assisting with security efforts.

“If you come here because you are oppressed, if you want to leave, you think nothing will go away, don’t come here,” Kelber told CNN. “We have extra police everywhere, people will be arrested and we are there. We are going to be in order.

If you come here to catch crazy, go somewhere else. We don’t love you, ”Kelber said.

Clevelander management said it would “review the situation in the coming days and decide whether to reopen or close temporarily.”

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The hotel said employees will “receive their full pay” when the bar and dining areas are closed.