September 30, 2022

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Mexico’s ratings against the United States

ESPN presents tips from the Mexican team after their defeat to the United States in the League of Nations finals

Gerardo Martino, captain of the Mexican national team, suffered the first major setback of his tenure against the United States, The ‘Stars and Stripes’ team signed off on a penalty spot in extra time after leveling a poor score on two occasions and winning the first trophy in Nations League history.

The El Tri goalkeeper showed an action adapted to the needs of the saving field and was careful to respond to the rare occasions he needed on the last try, however, under the set pieces he could do more to prevent United from scoring two points from the states because it was not out, hitting the ball with fists to compete with those provided by the United States.

With a five-row left lane, the Montreal versatile footballer showed serious difficulties in preventing the overflow of sprinter Giovanni Raina, one of the best players on the local team.

This caused him to contribute to triangles, explosions or the final first-final races, as he usually does with his club and the selected team.

He accomplished the subtle task of closing the gaps and defending his plot from attacks by Giovanni Raina and Christian Police, but his own marking errors and defensive line gave him two goals.

Similarly, the champion with Ajax showed the personality to stop rivals and give peace to the structure defended by Guillermo Ochoa, however, he presented serious focus defeats and scored from set pieces.

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In general, senior midfielder Christian Pulitzer was determined to put up a tough fight – he pushed him to his side without the ball in the game – however he failed to count the corner kick, which became the first to sweeten, with Giovanni Raina connecting the ball to the left post and finishing the goal.

Like their team in defense, they scored poorly on all set pieces, which is why America scored two goals.

Since Christian Pulisic and Sergino were in charge of having the Test running band, Tigress did not cooperate much with the team’s attacking line-up on the right, with two players standing up for their pace. An obvious mistake made the United States 82.

Using his experience in control work and distributing balls in the attacking third, the Atletico de Madrid midfielder did his job without problems and even tried shots towards the goal from mid-range, which did not reach their final goal.

In the final extension of the fight, he was a little less likely to leave the trinity as a disadvantage because he saw the yellow card board after smashing a ball with the goalkeeper during the finish, and saved from second place after he had irresponsibly wiped it out.

The Montreal attacking midfielder, from the left, showed up inside the area during the fight and provided contact with his teammates, however, he continues to raise his head and in desperation to shoot from mid-range when he creates danger and he decides to try it. In 66 he left the court to give way to Louis Romo.

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The Porto midfielder scored the fastest goal in official history for the United States after scoring in 59 seconds, and it was one of the highlights of the pitch.

Corona pressed the left side, Juventus midfielder Weston McKennie flew the ball and the Stars and Stripes team kicked the game to bring down Manchester City goalkeeper Jack Stephen. He left a 66 ‘transfer to Henry Martin.

The Napoli striker showed that his nominal position was not at the center of the field, and he played very little in the try attack game, which was not in ‘9 ‘form again, due to the absence of Martin and Alan Pulitho, Raul Jimenez with the call of Henry, and the absence of Javier Hernandez.

Seconds after the end of regulation time, he created the most dangerous act of his boots, with a cross shot from outside the area handcuffed by the goalkeeper.

Sivas was the most productive footballer in forward football and the final four, because for ninety minutes he did not step on the area in danger or came in contact with a team player to try to score.

Some chances that went through his boots, lost balls, bad passes or none of the shots ended. Diego Lines entered his site in ’78 and a minute later he showed why it was necessary to change.


Henry Martin (5)

Entering the U.S. Central Forward 66, he showed again that he was not in the conditions and in the rhythm of the competition because he was not alone within his zone or was a risk factor for the competitor.

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Louis Romo (7)

He entered 66 ‘as an alternative to Carlos Gonzalez, however, his figure did not put the same amount of pressure on the opponent in the center of the court or stepped on the opponent’s side with the same defense or hit the main pass.

Diego Lines (9)

As the most talented and unbalanced player in Mexico against the United States, Uriel Antuna became 78 ‘, in one minute, the Real Betis attacker did more of the fight than his teammate because he bravely faced both Tim Riam and Timothy Wee and scored the goal in the 79th.

Carlos Salceto (5)

The guard came to replace Hector Moreno for extra time. He did the wrong thing that marked the goal of failure.

Orbelin Pineta (N / D)

He entered the court at 117 ‘, however, due to the constant friction between the two teams, the heat within it caused him to play for a very short time.